Dead Frontier makes me want to cry now…

Before the web browser that a lot of people ironically used, Google’s Chrome had made many game nearly unplayable, due to them being browser based. Dead Frontier being one of those many games that relied on being entirely on a player’s browser.

I had realized that again, like many games Dead Frontier had found a way around this problem, making the game playable even though it wasn’t browser based anymore.

This game used to be one of those games where I binge played, but ever since most of the popular web browsers got that new update which made gaming from your browser almost impossible it’s just horrible in my opinion. The game isn’t horrible, it has some good concepts and whatever it’s the actual you having to load your web browser and having two separate windows open in order to even play the game. At least this is the case if  you’re using a browser like google chrome.

If you want to play dead frontier, but don’t want to be switching between two windows I would suggest using something like Mozilla Firefox instead of google chrome.

As for what the actual game is like, you make a character who has a separate name from your username, I don’t even know why they have that since it doesn’t really make any sense, pick a class that has special qualities that will make your game play different ( can’t remember any classes or their effects so sorry ;-; ) and go out alone or with buddies to fight zombies ( some being your normal slow shufflers and others being straight up mutants; example – flaming zombie that runs ) and gather supplies for you to be able to survive. Gathering food, medical supplies, weapons, armor and on the rare occasion clothing accessories and if you don’t need or like the things you happen to get from one of your expeditions, you can just sell it to other players for a little profit.

If you want to try out the game, you can go to its website;