Friendship Severed?

This post may be a more personal post than anything written so far. This may be one of the last posts ever regarding Yukitoreum.

If you read the top and don’t think you want to read something on how and why someone isn’t going to be talking to someone or whatever, then don’t read this post. :3

I’ve made many posts on someone named Yukitoreum back when I first made this blog. As time went on, he had stopped making real contact with me. Even Zekyreum, who would see him almost every day couldn’t get him to talk to her much. Like she wanted him to talk to her after some of the most ass hole moves he’s ever pulled yet. Excuse my language, but I don’t know how else to describe some of the things he’s done in the passed year. :\

The passed year, we’ve both come to realize how much of a jerk our childhood friend really was and what his true personality really is. We’ve also come to realize what is more important to him in his life; watching anime. That is literally the only thing that he had talked about the last couple of times he’s ever really talked to me online about on his own free will. I would normally have to bring up a topic for him to not talk about it.

My sister had told me that the last couple of times he’s “talked” to her in school was about 10 words to her about something was doing on her PC on the last day of school in a class, while he was watching anime with a “friend.”

Not only is anime more important to Yukitoreum more than having actual relations with another human being, who doesn’t fangirl/fanboy over Japanese cartoons/animations and Japanese comic books, but he surrounds himself with people who are in fact complete jerks who could be seen working at something like McDonalds or Kroger for the rest of their lives because of how self centered they are. From the things I have managed to gather from him the passed year, these people who he considered “friends” were bullies to him and not only that, they were complete ass holes to pretty much anyone.

Speaking of bullies and getting bullied, these people Yukito surrounded himself with, he complained about constantly. I had given him advice, along with a couple of other people who used to talk to him over Skype, on how to deal with people like the ones he always complained about. He seemed to never listen to any advice that was given to him.

Along with being obsessed with fake Japanese culture ( or whatever was Japanese culture in his mind/world ) surrounding himself with horrible people, not trying to talk to his real friends ever and not really listening to advice when he wanted it, he became an ass hole and showed his real colors.

He would get into many arguments, some serious and some not so serious but one thing was for sure; he had been pushing Zekyreum’s limits with him making her cry not once but twice within the time span of one month. A real friend would’ve been concerned after realizing that they had made someone they care about upset, right? He never did care. At least to everyone else he showed that he didn’t care. Not once did he apologize to someone after him doing something like making them cry, feel offended or disrespecting them in general. In fact, you had to force him to apologize which was never a real apology.

To sum up what Yukito has become in my view; a selfish ass hole who has no idea how wrong he really is.  He’s become a sort of bully and his addiction to anime has made him into an honestly disturbing and awkward person to talk to.

****This article/blog post is not meant to hurt Yukito, but ( if he EVER reads this ) to put out to himself how messed up he’s become.****

Message to “Yukitoreum”

If you are reading this Yukito, you can take “reum” out of your name. You obviously care about anime more than anything in your life right now.

Come talk to me or Zekyreum after you admit to yourself that you’ve done some horrible things in the passed year and that you are addicted to anime. Once you do that, maybe, just maybe we could help you with your addiction to anime.

If not, that’s okay. Don’t bother talking to us much ever again.