Problems When Gaming as a Girl

I’m not going to speak for both genders or however many genders there are, I’m not counting them all, but when you’re a girl and you’re just trying to play a game, someone who is most likely going to be a guy will start trying to pick you up.

It’s really annoying how some people just can’t leave you alone or act like they’ve never seen a girl playing something. I’m writing this because someone had whispered me things on Roblox, specifically on the game called Tradelands, and he made playing the game very awkward and made me uncomfortable. Luckily since the game was on Roblox, I was able to block him and then reported him for making me feel very uncomfortable.

This guy that chased me off of the game for a little bit, I don’t even know what I did to provoke him. If he thought a girl on a ship, not being afraid of him stabbing her because he couldn’t due to the PVP system, not giving him her cargo, then sailing away acting like a sarcastic B was attractive, then he has some problems. I didn’t even really talk to him either other than spamming this face “C:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::” and saying this when he told me to give him his cargo “No >_>”

Luckily since it was on a game hosted by Roblox, there was a system to block him and report him. Luck me it wasn’t on a game like AoTTG, where there is literally no social system other than the chat and the ability to whisper.

List of problems when a legit “gamer girl”

  1. Guys will randomly hit on you ( other girls hitting on you isn’t as common, but you know )
  2. People not believing that you’re really a girl when you say your are, then ask you very personal questions and them requesting your identity.
  3. People disrespecting you on a game where the guy population is more dominant.
  4. People don’t take you seriously and under estimate your potential on a game, just because of your gender.
  5. People acting like they’re never interacted with a real girl.

I think these are the top reasons why it’s bad to be a girl and actually like gaming. There are so many more reason out there, but this is my personal list.//