Anime Artist Problems

Let me get this straight with anyone who bothers to read this, I like to draw anime or in an art style, I don’t really care about watching or reading mangas and anime.

A lot of people I’ve met who’ve seen my sketchbook in real life assume that just because I draw similar to the style of anime that I watch every freaking anime under the sun and read everything printed and labeled as a manga. It’s really annoying when someone goes all anime fan on you and because you don’t really care about watching much of it or reading it, you have no freaking clue as to what they’re even talking about.

To be really honest, I would rather draw it than watch it or read it. In fact, I can’t really stand to watch it and me reading manga is extremely rare now.

I can’t tell you how many people assume that I like anime just because I draw it. When I say this, I mean the anime where you watch, not the art style. Just because someone likes to do or draw something, doesn’t mean that they necessarily likes it when someone else does it. This could’ve been put into better words and I feel like what I just said is confusing, but I don’t know how else to say it. Maybe you, the person reading this, will come up with a better sentence for what I just said and it actually makes sense to you.

Dubbed or Subbed?

To be honest,I like the dubbed animes more. Sure I said I don’t like to watch anime, but that doesn’t mean I’ve seen an episode here or there. The only full season of one I’ve watched would be the first season of AoT/SnK but just because I’ve only seen a few doesn’t mean I have a preference.

I don’t know why people like the subbed. If you wanted to read words constantly, why don’t you just get the stupid manga? Sure some of those animes out there don’t have a translated manga, but seriously. Just why?

I also don’t understand when people say “I think the original voice actors were better than the English ones.” No duh they sound different. It’s people from different regions, therefore they’re going to sound different.


Don’t act like I know every freaking anime and the characters and phrases in it. I won’t know what you’re talking about and will most likely look at you like you’re stupid. :>