Why am I playing Cosmic League again?

Cosmic League is about a year or so old, one of the newer/more recent games that have come out recently.

The game is a futuristic shooter game where you either play as “cute” anime girls ( which you have to really work for to be able to use ) or robots, which all of them look the same to me.

Honestly, I would suggest getting the girls because they seem like the funnest to play as and have the most potential. They’re the only things I’ve used so I wouldn’t know, I just don’t want to play as a robot that’s ugly to me. Sadly for guy gamers, they don’t really have any guys to play as.

For people for playing the game and trying it out, it’s REALLY annoying. Not to mention you’ll feel extremely lost when you pull up the menus or enter an arena/league. Playing in those arenas are just chaos… but it’s really fun once you get passed those obstacles. I suggest to look up guides online or to mess around since I felt like the tutorials were really vague in my opinion.

It’s more fun when you play with friends since it feels sort of like a futuristic, anime version of Call of Duty or some other shooter game. Since I’m not really a person type and don’t like to talk to people or interact with people, especially in a PvP setting, I try to avoid playing against other people sadly and need the comfort of people I actually know. >_<”

I’d like to point out one thing though; this game will make you feel like you’re playing a console game of an anime more than an MMO ( there’s no English voices either for those of you who hate English voice actors.) The little cartoons/anime videos they make a really freaky too. Please don’t watch some of them, they’re weird to me. ;-;

***If you don’t trust my links/downloads, don’t bother to download the game and blame it on me. I didn’t make you push the download button.***

If you want to check out the game, here’s the link to the downloader: http://cosmicleague.cyberstep.com/

For those who are lost and want to check out their actual site ( found at the bottom of the first link ): http://cosmicleague.cyberstep.com/home

As usual, my in game name is Reshyreum if anyone bothers to want to shoot me down in the game. :l