“Fml 2016”

Yukitoreum finally got on Skype and like every other person who hasn’t talked to someone they’ve known for years in a long time does it talk to them. Even though I said that he wasn’t me and Zeky’s friend anymore and that talking to him was pointless and that whole speech a couple of posts ago.

You’ve got to love that compassionate part of being a really nice person, at least nicer than most people. You can’t just turn away from someone after some of the bad things they’ve done to you or someone you love dearly. At least he hasn’t killed anyone or some stupid crap. Just caused a couple of hissy fights and arguments.


chapter 2, reborn 2016

Honestly, he hasn’t done anything yet to make me change my mind about talking to him since he came back on Skype and finally answered something that was about to be a month old. The only thing that freaks me out is how much of a weeaboo he’s become.

He’s not your average anime fan for those of you reading. In fact, he actually thinks he’s the main character of an anime he’s watching and will take content from said anime/manga quite seriously. So seriously, you question who the hell he actually really is. Lucky me, I think I know who he really is behind all of those male anime protagonist wannabes he pretends to be. .-.

Not to mention he thinks he believes in Shintoism ( definition from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary here ) yet he has no idea what it actually really is and what it’s really about, other than the fact that there is a belief that everything in nature has a spirit of some sorts. And I’m sorry for those who may actually believe in this and I gave a horrible summary of it. Please don’t roast me. ;-;


He’s been infected more and more by his wants and now needs to feel and become Japanese to the point where I think he’s becoming disrespectful. Whether he was just lying to look cool or really “believes” in the faith and practice of Shintoism.

He’s becoming one of the biggest cringes I’ve seen in my life time, in person.