Cosmic League’s Garapon feels so rigged…

What is the garapon in Cosmic League?

The garapon is sort of like a way to get really rare characters and items through a sort of drawing/spin the wheel for a prize thing. You must earn 5 garapon tickets or the designated FP price to be able to participate in it. These items are also, of course, a pain in the butt to get. You could use the currency RT ( means Root I’m guessing ) which you must pay a certain amount of real money for.

I’ve earned a couple of roles for the garapon system through game play without paying anything from my own pocket. I’ve been rolling or whatever you would call it for the garapon called Wind Dragon Rhapsody, which lucky me happens to be the most expensive one that they’re holding right now. 50 RT per roll and 5,000 FP.

I forgot the name of the character that I was trying to get, but she was the yellow sun looking girl. >_< I’ve rolled around 10 times at least and every time I’ve rolled, I haven’t gotten here. In fact, I seem to be getting everything besides an actual girl character. If you’ve played a game where the gave you chances to get a character you so desperately want, you’ve worked so hard for it every time they did give you a chance to get everything but the one thing you want… you’d know my heartbreak. For people who aren’t really gamers, it’s like someone rubbing money in your face but they keep giving you monopoly money or something.

The point of all that I’m saying is I feel like they rigged the garapon so that it’s near impossible to get a girl character. I’ve only gotten one girl character, Alistia the time witch, and she happened to be the first girl I got without her being guaranteed.

Look, I know that the girl characters are like some of the hardest to get and I’m not asking for it to be easier to get or whatever, but please cut people like me some slack. ;-; People like me feel like quitting, but keep trying because we really want that one character.

Well, at least it gives people like me motivation to keep crushing my hopes and dreams with trying to get this one character. Just choose what you do with the garapon tickets and FP wisely is all I’ve got to say.