Some Random Things


WARNING: this post may be very random and may confuse some people who decide to read it. If you don’t want to see some random crap that you probably don’t care, skip this.

This post will mainly have little “clips” or tiny pieces of stuff I’ve wanted to write about for the passed week, so yeah, random stuff. :> I’ll try to come up with little titles for the small clippings so you’ll have an idea on what they’re about…

Cosmic League Garapon Frustration

I’ve already made a post about how the garapon feels so rigged but… I still hate it. Can’t they for real cute people like me some slack? I’ve tried a little too hard to get only like one character, which I don’t know is even good since I haven’t seen someone with her and they don’t let you try out characters before you actually try to earn them.

Then I realized if I saved up 10 garapon tickets, I could’ve rolled for the girls garapon which guarantees you a girl cosmoloid. ;-;

Cosmic league is so glitchy… ;-;

When People Criticize Your Comics

I haven’t posted them online or anything, but when I showed my grandma one of them, she didn’t like me putting the little thingy “Wtf” in the end. I knew I should’ve read through the whole comic before showing family members, especially someone like my grandma.

At least I didn’t write the whole three words.

Besides, I wasn’t expecting myself to go showing someone that comic. The only reason why I did was because I didn’t have my demo comic with me… great timing there. >_>

When You feel like everyone is against you

Related to the above.

But lately, I feel like I should just cut every single person off. Not to mention, I’ve been feeling really tired lately and I don’t know why. To be quite honest sometimes, I wish I didn’t really care about anything like I say all the time. :>

I’d like to point out I feel like Shikareum lies to me like Yukitoreum does, saying one thing when her actions clearly say something else.

Below is an example of what I mean, but may not clearly portray her. This is basically how I feel she’s acting like right now.

Shikareum: “I’ll be lonely, why can’t you guys stay home and talk to me? :c”

Me: “Because we have no choice [ to go to a family event. ]”

Basically, she acts like she’s sad that we’re actually not going to be on and whatever, making a little scene…

*Hours later when we come home.* 

Shikareum: ” [ Insert random BS about the sims 4. ] ”

Me in my head: “She sure did seem lonely…”


Hasn’t said anything since I last saw him on. So GG for being a good friend, cause I sure ain’t going to try to talk to you. C:

You clearly aren’t trying to keep in touch with me or Zekyreum, so why should I be the one trying, like for the passed year? If you’re even reading this, me and Zeky have to treat you like a dumb dog, waving some sort of reward in your face to get you to do ANYTHING and to be quite honest with you, it’s annoying.

You acted like you wanted to stay friends with her, yet look. 2 weeks into summer break you’ve only come on Skype once. ONCE. 2 WEEKS. She wasn’t even on Skype then, I get that, but I was.

You act like talking to people who aren’t those stupid comic and cartoon characters is like pulling your stupid teeth. Get your head out of your stupid little anime world, Yukito. >_>

*And he won’t probably ever see this. -_-*

The End of Randomness