Comics ( something I might do )

More rambling about my comics, which I haven’t really made any recently to upload or whatever. Thinking about making a collaborative blog for them and the cast of characters though… ;-;

Since it’s summer vacation for me and I’m going to be a senior in high school once the semester starts, I was invited to do the comics for the school newspaper. I’ve probably already said this before in a million posts before this, but it’s really something I’ve been thinking hard about. I’m going to spare anyone reading stuff on this crap blog from more of my rambling about the comics. >->

I was considering opening up another blog site thing for my comic characters, along with some of my sister’s ( name if Zekyreum, visit her new blog here ) and actually showing off our cast of characters. Some of them are more original than others and have way better character development then recent or not-so-important characters.

There’s one problem;

I don’t have an electronic tablet where I can draw anything on so making anything about these comics and character will most likely be in my crappy traditional art. This worries me because I will be limited by art supplies in my real room versus me using as much space as a tablet and a drive ( or anything that can store files ) made from an art program.

I guess I could offer the blog as a little place to show crappy profiles of characters, which may or may not contain images of them.

If this actually becomes possible, with the help of my sister, we may only put up short descriptions/backgrounds or whatever else might be really important to people actually knowing who the character is and what kind of person they are or were or will become… so many time phrases in one sentence. @_@

If it becomes reality

I will post brief profiles of characters. I might only start off with a few characters that I think people will actually be interested in. If there’s not much trouble in me and my sister doing this, I might add 35+ characters.

Before you ask, yes that’s how many OCs were created, some inspired by real people we’ve met in our lives so they might seem funky, and some of them don’t even have names or faces. That number of 35+ is how many OCs I’ve made that actually have a definite face, name, history, relationships, etc. Some of those characters in that huge group may also need more and or better character development.