Skylanders’ Super Chargers

I’ve been meaning to make a post about how I feel about this game, which is a console game for anyone who was wondering which would make this my first opinion on a console game.

For anyone who’s never heard of Skylanders, it’s the revival of the character Spyro which eventually turned into a whole new franchise. I probably shouldn’t be using terms for things I don’t really know, but I’m just trying to use words that seem to fit the description… I make no sense sometimes. Anyway, you purchase figures of characters that you need to enjoy the game or characters and items ( and whatever else they’ve come up with ) to be able to unlock them in the game.

The idea was solely to bring your toys to life. The gaming world hadn’t really seen anything like it, so of course gamers around the world, no matter their age group, would be willing to give this game a try. Disney had seemed to so something similar a year or so after Skylanders and it seemed to be copying Skylanders in my opinion, but they didn’t seem as successful.

Differences in Super Chargers

This was one of the first games where I noticed character that weren’t actually Skylanders that were available to players. They were Nintendo characters, which sadly I couldn’t remember them.

Along with characters from Nintendo, I felt like this game was trying to take a more common RPG form. You actually have to complete quests in the game. Along with the RPG feel to it, I felt like they were trying to make the levels, which I counted chapters in the games, more extended. An example of this would be a level ( or what felt like a level ) would be about 2~4 chapters long.

A good change from my point of view was that the “hard mode” was actually hard. Look, I know the game was meant for a younger audience and all that but the point is, Skylanders was introduced to me when I was in middle school so around the age of 12~13 I first started seeing these characters. I started to actually play the games when Giants had been out for a couple of months. Ever since Giants I started to build a fairly large collection of the figurines.

After buying a bunch of the characters and maxing all of their levels and abilities out, the game just wasn’t hard anymore. I would always end up setting my game modes to the highest difficulty because it was that easy to me. One of the only perks I’ve noticed with the new game is how it’s actually harder to play.

Since the game can’t keep my attention as long as the other games, I haven’t been able to finish the game. Most of the time, I have to restart a level around 3~5 times before I actually finish it. Maybe Skylanders is just getting old for me. :\

If you’re thinking of playing this game, or any of the games with Skylanders on the title, don’t let my words discourage you. It’s a really fun game series to try.