Guess who comes crawling back to me?

Answer: Yukitoreum

I didn’t realize this, but Yuki actually got on Skype for once and said something to me last Thursday.

He had been having a problem where he was throwing up a lot and his father, from the stuff he was telling me at least, didn’t have the money/time/ [ insert excuse ] to take him to get it checked out. The whole time he was on Skype before school let out, I was worried about him, telling him to get his sh*t checked out and stuff. Honestly worrying like his freaking mother.

He finally visited some kind of specialist and here’s what he told me; the cause of him puking almost everything he eats is because of stress and depression. Call me a bad person, but I’m kind of sketchy on if I should believe what he’s actually saying and if I should even spend the time to try and help him. If you’re wanting to see my reasons for everything negative on Yukitoreum, here’s a small list;

  1. He never tries to actually talk to me and Zeky or even Shika.
  2. He once bullied Shika by adding her to a group chat just so he could yell at her and make fun of her and argue with her.
  3. He argued almost weekly with me.
  4. Asks for advice, then doesn’t listen to it.
  5. Made my little sister cry twice and didn’t really apologize.
  6. Acts like a fake piece of crap who doesn’t care about anyone or anything.
  7. Would rather watch anime than do anything with what I call the “reums.”
  8. Is disrespectful to the people of Japan, reason; Weeaboo.
  9. Disrespectful to anyone who tells him he’s wrong.
  10. Cameron ( someone on Skype ) told him that he acted like a stereotype American.

My biggest reason though above all else would be this; HE LIES TO MUCH, HE LIES ON DEFAULT ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. 

He thinks he is ALWAYS, telling the truth when in reality he’s not. He doesn’t LISTEN to anything you tell him.  He ALWAYS tries to impress anyone and everyone, even if it means he has to LIE and ACT FAKE. He has an online ALTER EGO that he tries to act like your stereotypical animu dude who all the girls drool over, is neither good nor evil, and shows no emotion. IT’S GOTTEN TO THE POINT WHERE I’M CONSTANTLY PONDERING ON WHAT THE @#$% HE REALLY IS.


Now I will stop with this and try to think of something else for the whole day or else I’ll end up thinking about it obsessively and nonstop.