Sims 4; Updates can break your CC and crash your game! :D

I’m making this to sort of rant about some of the BAD things that updates for your Sims 4 game that can really tick a player off. If you have the Sims 4 and want to read about some of the issues I’ve come across while playing this on and off for about a year now, then keep reading. If you’re also thinking about buying the game, which it happens to be 60% off right now in the Origin app, then you might want to read this as well.

We all know that games, especially online ones, need to update every now and then. It’s annoying when you just want to play a game and have to wait for that long updater to download and install the new content and game fixes, am I right? The Sims 4 does exactly that, but with some more issues since I’ve begun using custom content almost after a week of getting the game on my PC.

You see, some people rely on custom content, especially if they have no extra bought content from EA. This custom content can range from new ( and less ugly ) hair styles, makeup, traits, furniture, add ons, clothes… pretty much anything that’s possible for someone out there to code and was willing to let people download. And a lost of people who do have a lot of the bought expansions and game packs still use what the “simmers” call CC.

CC is fun and all, it’s can make your sims look extremely different, or sadly in some cases, very alike. Custom content added to your game just seems super fun, that is until a huge update comes. I will list some problems with using 150+ of custom content packages;

  1. Some of those mods that you deemed fun and pretty, etc. will actually break your game, making the game impossible to play. If you’re lucky enough and willing to, you can go through all of your mods and figure out which one, through a VERY PAINFUL AND SLOW PROCESS, is causing your game to break.
  2. Some cases, your game will break to the point where you have to restart the whole thing over and assume that every file in the game that was erased is corrupt now. GL remaking everything you worked so hard on.
  3. Most people suggest, to avoid number two is to allow the update to shut off your mods and to see if it’s not the game itself. What no one seemed to tell you is that once you do what is suggested, you have to spend HOURS UPON DAYS putting all of your mods on the right sims and house.
  4. For mods that break, you will have to store the URL to the downloader somewhere and hope that the person updates it. If they don’t, then I guess you can never use that mod again. :> Who would want to store a text file of over 200 links?

To be honest, the best way in my opinion to make sure your gameplay, and in some cases the actual game, isn’t ruined, you should save all of your sims on a drive or upload them on the online, but very public storage called the Gallery. If you used CC, the owners will most likely want credit and let’s be honest, who is going to remember all of the CC owners by name?

Saving Sims/Houses to a Drive

This is for if you want to keep your sims private and don’t want to upload them to the gallery. I suggest if you used CC on them that you get URLs to the specific mods used for them so you can download them again if needed. I’m not sure if this will work for MACs. ;-;

  1. Make a sim(s) in the sim creator or build a house on an open lot. PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIME!!!!
  2. Save the sim(s) or house to your library, don’t worry no one can see them!
  3. Open up whatever program you use to look for files on you PC. I usually do this step as number two, but whatever floats your boat.
  4. Once the file program opens, go to your DOCUMENTS.
  6. Once in ELECTRONIC ARTS, go to SIMS 4.
  7. Once in SIMS 4, go to TRAY.
  8. Finally, your looking at files that are houses and sims that you saved. Remember how I said pay attention to the time? Look for the files in the TRAY folder that have a time stamp of the time, or near the time that you saved the sim(s)/house you created.
  9. Put those files into a separate folder;
    • Copy them and paste them into a folder labeled whatever you want if you want to store them and still play them.

These are just steps, you can do alter the steps if you want after you get used to them. I won’t guarantee this will solve every little problem with game updates and CC, but it’s nice to know that your sims and those houses that took hours to make are somewhere safe.