Personal OC Name List ( made public? )

I need to make some of the many OCs that I will be using in my comics public somehow. What better way to do so than by posting them on to the blog I own? Keep reading for the names and nicknames for some of the names of my OCs. ( these are characters that show up in my traditional art a lot. )

Some of these characters were inspired by real people I have met in my life.

  1. Misaki Sakiyurai, birth name is Rosalina Waters and her nickname is Rosa.
  2. Yvette Cinder Casserress, her nickname is Cinder.
  3. Akira Sakiyurai Kass, maiden name was Akira Sakiyurai and her nick name is Shi Haidora or Haidora for short.
  4. Eren Colton Zapka, his nickname is Sol.
  5. Cyrus Everard, his nickname is Cyberus.
  6. Raven Holly Silver. ( no nick name. :> )

These are some of the most common OCs that will pop up in my traditional art, which can be found preferably on my Instagram and occasionally on my Twitter. ( Facebook is exclusive to friends, sorry. ;~; ) There are two popular characters though, who happen to be on the more surreal and sci-fi side.

  1. Giji Hiko the high tech robot boy with an advanced artificial intelligence.
  2. Yuu, formally known as U, was a strange hybrid thing I did of the pokemon Mew. He’s ( or it ) loosing the label of a mew Hybrid though.

I would like to point out that I love drawing animals and an anime style has taken over. I will make these OCs occassionally in an animal form or a weird type of furry form. *Furry form just has corresponding animal ears, tail(s), wings and other distinguishing parts.

I don’t really know how to show off these OCs. All I can say is hope that they show up in my Instagram feed along with their names. I’m just going to shut up now before this gets any longer. :>