Pokemon Battle Disappointments

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to get the friend codes to other Pokemon fans that I knew only to find out that their “competitive” team was slaughtered by mine.

If you think I’m saying every single person who gives me their 3DS friend code is horrible, I’m not. I’m saying the people that I’ve actually gotten the friend code so I could battle them more easily on Pokemon ( when I still had a functioning 3DS ) were all disappointing. I have gathered around 5 friend codes from people I’ve wanted to fight over the internet because we were not near each other, I’ve beaten 4 of them.

Well didn’t you change up your Pokemon team or something? What team did/do you even use against these people?

You may say my Pokemon team I used against them changed, well it’s only changed once and with small changes. My team will most likely, 99% of the time consist of Greninja, Charzard, Gardevoir and Garchomp. The two other spots could honestly be anything really, but 80% of the time they’re two of these three; Espeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon.

The changes in my team were only the same Pokemon as above, but with alterations to them. Stats, moves, abilities, maybe even items and for the fact that they were now all shiny. To be honest with you, the shinies which are the ones with hidden abilities, eggs moves and better stats, I felt like their moves were WEAKER than my not-shiny-and-special version of my team. Well I take that back, some of their moves were better but it really depends on my strategy I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›

So why was I disappointed in the Pokemon battles I had with people who were near me or I obtained their friend code(s)?

Their Pokemon team was honestly only made to get them through the story of the game. They all didn’t have a real strategy and thought they could pawn. Given that I also preferred double battles over any type of battle, even the single battles seemed like push overs. ย Here’s a list of why 4/5 of these people utterly failed when fighting me;

  • Their opening Pokemon sucked and shouldn’t have been sent out first.
  • They will use all of their strong Pokemon first.
  • Mega evolving when on their third or second Pokemon.
  • “OP” moves that are only good for story mode, high power, stat debuffing & low accuracy.
  • Pokemon that can be what I would call “cluster killed,” Example of this would be Pokemon that could and would be rekt by one Pokemon found in the competitive Pokemon world. ( Greninja usually has an Dark, Ice, Rock and Water attack, which can destroy 5/6 Pokemon on one person’s team. )
  • The use of Legendaries. They’re not that hard to destroy unless you’re using Arceus and Darkrai for me ( and like all Pokemon, you don’t know what you’re doing with them. )

Overall, these people I’ve fought didn’t know how to use their Pokemon well.

Some suggestions for them getting better?

First off, they could use Pokemon they actually like, not to mention them “not being lazy” because 2 or 3 of them told me they were lazy or too lazy to get Pokemon. The two or three people that I’m talking about, not mentioning names for their reputation’s ย sake, seriously looked at some of the Pokemon I had earned. From what I’ve written, the Pokemon I’ve earned are actually decent or awesome overall in competitive battling.

Another thing these people could improve upon is getting moves that aren’t meant for pawning. If you want to pawn, I suggest only having one high damage move and make the Pokemon hold a special item to boost power or accuracy. Moves with 10~15 PP usually have decent power and accuracy. They also, if you read and research them, have special effects that come with using them. Rockslide has decent accuracy, low to decent power and hits anything near the attacking Pokemon. It also cause the Pokemon to flinch, which has a decent rate of occurring.

The most important thing is to use a couple of the same Pokemon over and over again in the random online match up. Through those you can definitely hone your skills and decide what need to change and what’s actually effective. If you’re not good or your Pokemon team isn’t good for let’s say single battle, maybe you should tweak them or your strategy to fit into something like double battles.


This sums up most of the things I wanted to complain about and some tips for building a team for competitive fighting in Pokemon. Don’t ask to fight me because I do not have a functioning 3DS.

I hope someone out there could agree with me about the people near them and fighting them in Pokemon. I also hope some of my tips for building a decent team could help someone out there.

If you would like some more tips for Pokemon team building, I guess you could ask me to do another post even though I probably won’t give good advice. I can only share what I’ve found that I’m good at. ;-;