Thinking about getting the Isle sometime on my Steam

If I do manage to get the Isle and can play it with crap graphics, it will probably be the only thing I use my Steam Account for.

I don’t even know why I got a Steam account a little while back when I didn’t even have a game that I could play on my PC using the program. Now I’m glad that I did manage to make that Reshyreum account, which I remember when I came back after months of not even touching it, it was hacked by the usual jerk who likes to change the info on the account. Lucky me, whoever did it didn’t do anything too stupid. It was one of those Kaie (Trade Knife) b’s, whoever they are. .-.

Anyway, I’ve been a little interested in the Isle for quite some time. It’s been in the back of my head ever since I first saw something about it so long ago. I lost interest when I thought I downloaded the game ( thinking it was free to play like some idiot because I didn’t do my research on it. xD ) and it lagged so bad making me think the game was crap. Now after seeing that I didn’t get the real game and some of the potential features in the Alpha stage of it, I think I’m willing to pay around 20 USD for early access.

There’s something that concerns me though, this game looks like it could lag like crazy due to my PC only being for an average Joe. You think I’m using one of those crazy expensive gaming PCs or maybe even one I built? Like I want to spend the money or time doing something I don’t even know what to do. Hopefully later in my life I can build my own or buy something that can get by with a little lag. But for now an HP laptop is what I got, not going to list my specs because I know a bunch of people will go like “oh that’s crap” even they even saw this post. >_>

I know my laptop isn’t the best out there, but I could really care less at the moment. I am someone who would be content with low to medium graphics on a game if it meant I could actually play the game. So for now, crap PC or not, I’m going to blow 20 USD on this game’s Alpha and see if I can even play it with low or medium graphics.

If the game works out for me, great! I’ll have a 3D dinosaur survival simulator that I’ve been wanting to play. If it doesn’t work, I guess at least I could say I bought the Alpha and hope I get a gold star until I can get something better to run it.