Got the Isle, even though I shouldn’t be on it

I don’t even know why or how I managed to get the Isle, which is a dinosaur survival simulator type thing where you play as a dinosaur. Me being that little kid, I managed to get the game while it was on sale. ( thanks mom xD ) I shouldn’t even be trying to play this game considering that my processor, graphics card and RAM don’t even meet the recommended requirements for this game. Didn’t stop me from telling my mom to buy it while it’s on sale.

If you have something like those regular laptops that you can buy under the brand name HP, yes, you can play the game with a mix of medium and low qualities of the game. Sadly, playing on a server with other people may be another story.

I haven’t actually played with other people on any servers due to me ruining their game by me lagging out. I know I don’t have the proper PC to even play this game with other people and that’s why I avoid ruining the fun with other people. Because of this fear, I can’t see what number of people a regular old PC can handle.

I’m not saying you can use a really old PC and play this game on all low/medium qualities though, since those probably have worse processors, graphics cards, RAM, etc. then the one I used to play/try out the Alpha of the Isle.

So far map wise, my PC can handle the region 1 map and the Mesoisle 1 ( or whatever the name above Region 1 was. ) Don’t ask me to join even a small server on the Isle, I swear I will lag and bug out since my PC isn’t meant for these types of games. If you want to see how many people my PC can handle on a server though, I’m thinking around under 20 players on a single server.

At least me getting this, especially on the summer sale made me feel satisfied knowing that if I do happen to get a PC for gaming, I can install on that one and try it. I would like to put emphasis on me not wanting to make my own PC because it’s my choice for anyone who’s going to try and tell me that building your own PC for gaming is so much cheaper and whatever other excuse you can make up.

Me getting the access to the game allowed me to finally answer my own questions which I think I posted in the previous blog post. People and search engines really know how to dance around the answer you want and are looking for.

I felt like this was more rambling on the Isle, but whatever.  This also might have answered someone’s question out there “Can a normal, premade PC run the Isle on low/medium graphics” or something around there. ***The Isle is a little choppy when moving while using a normal HP Notebook at least.