YouTube Channel & Collab Blog/Wordpress Launched

Me and Shikareum were talking a couple of hours ago from this post… and we’ve done something we never thought we would do. Me, Zekyreum and Shikareum all made a collab YouTube Channel and WordPress Blog.

Since it’s mostly just going to be random game play of whatever we felt like recording at the time, it’s not really serious. Me and Zeky only wanted to do it because we felt like it would be a fun experience to share with our friend Shikareum. Shika’s been wanting to do her own channel for a while and she’s always looked up to YouTubers because I’m guessing she just wants other people to enjoy what she loves doing.

This has lead us to make the amateur YouTube channel name “The Reums.” If you want to see some of the stuff we put up, which no doubt would be bad when compared to other YouTubers who have paying jobs, better equipment, things of that sort. Just don’t take this all too seriously like we’re some big shot YouTuber is all, because right now it’s all just for fun. :>

Click the YouTube icon for our new channel and random videos :>

Reum Youtube Icon.png

And here’s our collab WordPress blog, just click the R below to go to it. 

Reum R


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