Pokemon GO is out/slowly being released!

For anyone who’s a Pokemon fan, this is the biggest news yet aside from the release date of Pokemon Sun and Moon! ( Sun and moon are to be released around November 18, 2016 correct me if I’m wrong. :> )

I’m not sure if certain countries are allowed on the Pokemon GO servers since I’ve obtained the app while one of my friends in South American couldn’t get it onto their iphone. Here’s our differences, I’ll list my info for the app;

Reshyreum: phone is an android ZTE, in the USA

Rooh: phone is an iPhone ( IOS ), in Brazil

Everything on the Pokemon GO app just looks like chaos. Servers are crashing every now and then and for some people, they can’t even find it in their app store. If you’re looking for more information check out this article, or do a little research on your own. There’s plenty of online blog posts and articles on it, though there all still pretty confusing at least to me.

As far as I know, Pokemon GO right now is a hit or miss for some people. Just go look for it in the app store and see if you can get it to work. I am not an expert, just a fellow Pokemon fan. :^)

For anyone who’s interested, my name on the app is “Reshyreum” like always. :>