When you’re scared of what people will think of your art…

This is one of my biggest problems when it comes to putting my art on something or to be more precise, anything for that matter. As someone who’s down right terrified of human interactions and human contact, it’s an even bigger struggle.

I think I’ve mentioned somewhere in a previous article about myself already downgrading everything I make and how I don’t need people telling me that my art is bad and whatever else trolls on the internet can come up with. I also hate when people make suggestions since I feel like it’s their hidden way of saying “I don’t like how you made this piece of art, so I’ll tell you how to make it better my way.” I should probably get over this, but it’s hard on a person’s mental state.

You can’t just rewire someone’s brain to think differently, just like that. No, it could take years upon years for some people to be able to change their view on the world. From personal experience, some people can’t ever change because they are unwilling to change for numerous reasons, some personal, some probably not so personal.

I am on of those people who find it hard to change them self, even with the help and encouragement of those I hole dear to me due to many fears. Fears that could include being afraid of the unknown and failure. I do admit however, I’ve taken some baby steps to showing people the horrible photos of my art. My Twitter and Instagram account are perfect examples of me coming a little bit out of my shell and showing the world what I’m capable of. Sorry, but my Facebook is for people I meet in person or think that I can trust.

As another step, I’ve made this here blog to help people find some of my art even though I personally think I’m bad. If you saw my art style almost 24/7, you would think it’s bad because you see it almost everyday. Maybe not, but that’s just my thoughts on why I think I’m horrible.

Anyway, I’ve been pondering on whether or not I should even think to make a DeviantArt account. I’m not so sure if I’ll like the community, or more honestly put I don’t know if the community will like me. Just another example of what I think is me being socially anxious ( don’t know if that was even a correct use of those words? )

If I do make a DeviantArt, I will end up making a blog post for sure. I’m only 1% confident that I will make that DA account though. 😀

Gonna end it here before I continue rambling. :>