When People Complain about how others play a Video Game

There’s always those people who will get on a game and will complain about  how human players do not act the way they should on a basic human vs. monster PvP game, hosted on a gaming website directed to players of the age 10-18. Yep, that’s what this post is about and what I think about these people.

If you’ve played any game, especially one where players have to “act” a certain way, or at least are expected to you know there’s someone out there who’s going to be butt hurt that they suck at the game and blame it on this small factor.

I would like to start off by saying this was a human vs. monster PvP game on Roblox, a website that is mostly directed towards 10-18 year olds. Some of them probably are younger than that, therefore can’t read complex English, if they even know English at all since this is a website that let’s players from most parts of the world play. Some of those parts may not even speak English or the players on it are just now learning English.

That aside, would anyone expect a younger player out of let’s say a group of children all the ages 10-18 each. Do you really think, whether the 10-13 year olds chose to be a human or a creature in this PvP game, to act the way the description says? Not to mention, if one person acts freely everyone else will act freely.  The fun is that you can’t predict what the other players are going to do, or maybe you can, but it makes the game all the more challenging.

Since me, Zekyreum and Shikareum were all tired of hearing a two people complaining about how creature players wouldn’t act according to the description, we of course started to engage in what was turning into a one sided argument. Probably not the smartest decision, but oh well, it happened anyway.

Small bits and pieces of what was argued/conversed

The other person, mind you I think they were around 9-14, acted like the liked gore and all that because of stupid Creepypasta. Especially this Creepypasta character ( or whichever on says “go to sleep my sweet Prince” or whatever, I really could care less ) which she quoted in the game. She complained about how this game was unfair for people who chose to be humans.

I explained that each creature has something bad about it. There are only three creatures you can choose from, two you have to earn through game play by “knocking out” other players.

First off, the normal creature that anyone can use due to it being the default one only has one attack. A close range, melee sort of attack that doesn’t really have much range. Since it doesn’t really stand a chance with someone who knows how to use the gun, it has a decent amount of HP.

Secondly, the “spitter” which you earn by knocking out 15 players has two attacks. It’s the only ranged creature, with a “spitting” attack that works like a gun and the same melee attack as the base creature. Due to it being ranged, the trade off is that the Spitter is the weakest creature you can choose to be. It takes 2 hits to end it’s life.

The last and more boring creature in my opinion is called the “beast creature.” It takes around 50 bullets or hits it seems to take it. Since it’s OP as crap, it’s slow and one shots any humans… not really any fun at all seriously. You need 45 KOs to even get this thing.

Now that I’ve given a description of the creatures players can choose from, I’ll describe the human. Unlike the creatures, you cannot easily see through the dark forest since it’s night time. You are give a flashlight, gun, and knife. While using the gun you can shoot long range ( obviously ) but you cannot of the flashlight out. With the knife, you can have both it and the flashlight out. Also, there are meds in the center of the map that only human players can use to heal. Creatures only heal when they manage to kill a human.

Obviously she was new to the game and didn’t know what she was doing. I thought she knew what she was doing because of her “I’m a fake, sadistic and insane fangirl of Creepypasta” phrase when she said something about how the game gives an “odd pleasure” because of the killing involved in it. I knew she’s never played the game when me, Zeky, and Shika started explaining how the game was indeed fair by telling her the differences between monsters and where to find the medicine when you’re a human and so on… she still didn’t get it.

Not only did she consider anything three people who obviously knew what they were doing said, she basically treated us all like we were little children who didn’t know anything. Did I mention 2/3 of us were using proper English and she wasn’t yet she treated us like that? Ugh, I should never try talking to people like this. They never listen and think they’re always right no matter what.

Gonna end it here before it gets way too long and no one will want to read it. e_e


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  1. Cheechee_Runner

    Agree. There are a lot of people saying I suck at PvP, which I don’t mind because I do. But when I kill someone, they are going to say I am a hacker. That is so confused lol

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