Got Into Minecraft

I thought I would never get into something like this, but then again some other games I’ve ended up really liking were like this too. I said I hated the game and would never play it or never try it out, only to end up doing just that. Most of the time, I’m glad I end up trying out games I thought were horrible.

So far, I like Minecraft. My only downside is I’m using a cracked version, but luckily since I found I liked the game I’m thinking of actually paying for it. So no one should go crazy on my for that, since I do plan on paying for it when there’s money. >_>

This all started when Shikareum sent me a link to a Minecraft skin creator. I kind of got carried away since I was able to make something the way I wanted. Or since MC is so limited it feels, at least to me, since I have to resort to pixel art. I thought that maybe I could give Minecraft another chance because the last time I played it, it wasn’t so great in my opinion. After I made the skin, Shika told me how I could be able to use it and be able to see my glamorous self in the game.

I found that the game was indeed way more fun then I thought. Sadly, since I’m using a cracked version, multiplayer is limited ( more motivation for myself to pay for my account ) we did some creative on a public server. After some messing around on that with Shika, I somehow convinced my sister to try it out too.

Like me, she ended up liking the game. So now both of us are wanting to buy Minecraft accounts. Currently, me and Zekyreum are just playing LAN since we live under the same roof. This has been what we’ve been doing sadly in the last days of our summer vacation.

There is however the problem of the loading of the environment being crappy, from the looks of it, we’re not the only ones who experience the world in front of them being “invisible” when riding a horse, running, or even walking.

Despite all of that, here’s the skin I managed to make;

Seems to only work for 1.9 ;-;

I cannot begin to tell ou how hard it is to actually make a Minecraft skin. The hardest part for me was the SHADING.

Reshyreum skin views.png

MC skin screenie
Here’s an in-game screenshot :>