Some Thoughts on Pokemon GO and Bits on the Teams

Ever since I first saw Pokemon Platinum when it first came out, I’ve wanted to play a “real” Pokemon game. The kind where you don’t play as a Pokemon ranger ( those ones kind of died out ) or play as a Pokemon themself ( I really loved those Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky ones…) I wanted to play a game where I formed my own team of Pokemon and fought with them in one of those fun RPG games.

I’ve played Pokemon ever since Platinum, not gonna lie though, I skipped a gen. 5 game. White 2 I believe was the only “trainer” based game I’ve skipped so far and I haven’t finished the Omega Ruby one. With that said, it’s kind of obvious I would be one of the millions of players for the more recent phone app by the name of Pokemon GO.

I was excited when someone in my school who happened to like Pokemon too had told me about Pokemon GO. Once I had gotten home, surely I looked it up to see if there was really such an app in the making. Sure enough, he was right! I waited weeks for the app to come out to the public, since I sadly wasn’t able to try out the beta and downloaded it as soon as it hit the U.S.’s app stores.

Even though I downloaded it, I wasn’t on it like some other people were… days after the app was released, I would hear the local news talk about how the app was causing people to get in car crashes, people would camp out in certain locations and how people would apparently catch that pidgey on a stupid app than go to a hospital after some horrid attack. I like Pokemon and all, but some of the things I’ve heard people talk about that has involved that app has made me question some people’s logic. ._.”

Then there’s the whole three teams in the game… Apparently people will all of a sudden treat you differently because of some stupid team you chose in the Pokemon GO app. Not sure why people would go to the extremes of vandalism and insulting one another because of an app but… Yeah.

Since I’ve found out about the three teams, I’ve looked into the communities and benefits of the teams. Of course, people have already stereotyped people who chose a certain team.

 A Little About the Teams ( As unbiased as possible… ;-;)
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Team Instinct being “clueless morons,” being the people who are “casual” players, wanting to be the underdogs. The actual in-game benefit of joining Instinct has something to do with hatching eggs, if I had to guess, eggs hatch rarer Pokemon or hatch faster than someone who’s not on the team. If you didn’t notice already, Instinct’s color is yellow and they have the Pokemon Zapdos as the mascot.

Team Mystic is full of the “smarter” players, the “smart asses,” people who “plan ahead,” and this team makes up around half of the players who’ve downloaded the app and reached this point. From what I’ve picked up, people have started a weird sort of public war with Team Mystic vs. Team Valor. At least the benefit when joining this team has something to do with Pokemon evolution. Their team color is blue and their mascot is the Pokemon by the name of Articuno.

Last but not least, Team Valor. They’re stereotyped as the “dilinquents” of the game, the “power hungry jerks” and people who just generally prefer more power out of anything else. Sadly, this team has the worst reputation so far… ( you should just google a simple question; “Why do people hate team Valor?”) Also, people have built in a sort of rivalry between Valor and Mystic. I would suggest looking into that too if you’re interested and what other people thing. But any who, they’re in-game benefit is an increase in a Pokemon’s power. Your team color is obviously red and you sport the Pokemon Moltres!

Fan-Made Team: Team Harmony


Click image for another article on this team. :3

There’s one last team that I have to mention, though it’s not official and I’m not quite sure how it would come into play. The Pokemon team sports the Pokemon Lugia and goes by the name “Team Harmony.” If you are interested in this fan-made group, you can also look it up on google! I’ll repeat this again, this team is not an actual game team. It’s more of a community team. Though I do believe you can look for a Team Harmony online shop to help them gain money to make it a reality.

Here’s another cool logo I found, though I think this one was more for fun. ^w^”

Article Closing

Just choose a team based off of what you want or like is all I’m going to say. You could choose a team because it’s your favorite color, your favorite Pokemon ( out of the three legendary Kanto birds ) or because you think that the team’s in-game benefit would well benefit you the most. If you’re unsure, you could just ask someone close to you which team they chose.

As for the stereotypes that are formed from the teams, don’t let it bother you. I will be choosing team Mystic because of Articuno was and has always been my favorite out of those three birds and I’m going to be honest, I never really liked Zapdos or Moltres as much as Articuno. Just treat other players with courtesy and respect and just have fun with the app. :^)