A Jumbled Mess

Okay, I’ve made two articles on Pokemon GO like a lot of other blogs and what not. Now I should probably talk about how I’m looking around for a tablet and stylus to start out with for my digital art, the comics I plan on making for my school, the characters and a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with those things. I think this will end up being a jumbled mess, but writing like a journal is pretty much all I’m good at doing. xD

Fisrt off, I would like to say that sadly I haven’t done anything with the Reum collab channel, wordpress blog and Facebook page ( you can see it here ) I’m pretty much the one who does all the writing for the blog and all that. My sister Zeky has made up all of the designs on them all so far too. We’re just helping out our friend Shikareum ( you can view her blog here.) I have however made on tiny post on both the Facebook page and the blog about how we’re all starting school or have already started school and all of that. I’ll be sure to try and speak up if we decide to record something.

As for the digital art thing, I’m a little worried about how if I do convert to a traditional and a digital artist, a hybrid drawer of sorts, one of them will become way better than the other. In general, I’m worried that I won’t be able to balance my trad. art and my digital art. I don’t however have the things to start off my digital art, which I’m planning to mostly do for the school comics and other little projects. Not sure what I’m going to use to start myself off with in the digital art world.

I think I should wrap this up with one more thing on my mind which is me becoming agitated with people very easily. I’m not sure why I’m becoming this so unforgiving person, but I am. But to be really honest, which might be making a little vortex of “wait, you said you didn’t know, but you’re giving me a reason why you might…” sort of thing. I think I’m becoming like this because people, in my view at least, seem to change drastically and most of the time for the worst because of something small and stupid. Namely right now anime and a stupid video game called Minecraft.

I’ve lost a good friend that I have known for a couple years because of his idiotic obsession with anime and his stupid “roleplaying” online in chat groups. Now I feel like I’m loosing yet another friend because of her stupid obsession with Minecraft and how she wants to micromanage my time on the game.

On a better note, I look forward to trying out digital art. I have ideas on what programs I could use, but not the stylus or tablets and just really stressing about the upcoming school year. ^w^” Yay, I’m going to be a senior in highschool! *Insert sarcasm.*