Depressed vs. Disappointed

I get so angry or upset, of course not showing it, when someone uses the word “depressed” loosely.

I’m not an English teacher, but I’ll point out the differences I found in the two words. :>

Before I go on: This post may contain material that will and may seem 
sensitive to others. 
If you can not handle this topic, please do not continue any 
further and get off of this page.

Something just gets at me when people, who may not seem like they’re actually depressed throw around the words “I’m depressed.” Before you decide to blow up on me saying that not every single depressed person in the world is going to come up to me or some other person and show or say or give any kind of real and obvious sign that they’re indeed depressed and that proving someone actually is depressed can be, well, complicated like this sentence. I’m not talking about people who actually suffer the disease or severe waves of it, I’m talking about those people who will just say “I’m depressed” because they want attention or because something didn’t go their way.

There’s a difference between the phrases “I’m depressed” and “I’m disappointed [ in myself. ]”

Here are the Google definitions for “depressed” and “disappointed” for people who want them. I will post screenshots below of the definitions from Google.

If you read and comprehended the definitions correctly and actually think about the definitions, there’s a clear difference between the two.

In America ( since I’ve never been to any other country that speaks English, not a fan of traveling ) I hear people use the word “depressed” when the correct word is technically “disappointed.” I think this could apply to anyone who learns how to use the English language as a U.S. English instead of U.K. English ( yes, there’s a difference between those too. ) It seems that here, you can just use whatever English word, just so long as it sounds like it’s correct and communicates your message to others and they in turn understand what you’re trying to communicate.

This is most of the time the case when you’re taught English and you just use words so long as

  1. It sounds like it’s correct
  2. Other fellow English speakers understand what you’re trying to say/write

When talking, you don’t actually have time to think about your word choice before you speak. Some people may think before they talk, well congratulations, I’m not talking about you ( no harsh feelings right? :> ) I’m talking about people who have to give a fast answer to another human being, without getting the proper time to think.

Here’s an example of where I’ll apply what I’m trying to say.

Warning: Corny RP/Simulation thing

Say there’s this girl. Her name is Susie and she loves to, I don’t know, write books for a living. Her friend Martha asks about her latest book sale and how it went.

Martha: “Hey Susie! How was your latest sale today?”

Susie: “Not many people wanted to buy my book today with my signature…”

Martha: “Well that’s too bad, maybe next time you’d get more.”

Susie: “I don’t think I can do it next time, I’m so depressed.”

Assuming that Susie is a perfectly happy and mentally healthy individual, she’s not actually depressed. We as those random people who like to listen to a conversation because we have nothing better to do will use context clues and go “oh, she must be feeling down about not doing well in that book sell!”

Well this is exactly what I’m talking about. She’s not depressed, she’s disappointed in either herself or the book sale itself.

She’s in a state of “disappointment” not a state of “depression.” ( again, quoting Google ) Here are screenshots for those who don’t trust the links to the definitions below.


I can’t believe I acted like this was an English paper.

If someone learned or became more aware of the differences, or something relating to this topic, wow, I didn’t just type this just for the fun of it.

If you’re wondering why I typed this up, I was sort of wondering if there were differences in the words and what they were because I was feeling down lately. I do point out that I think that me feeling down may be a combination of the two ( if that’s even possible ) and maybe this would make a good topic for an essay out there for someone? I don’t know, but I did this anyway. :l

Me right now: “My blog really is random, like what happened to the gaming posts? XD” At least this took my mind off of me feeling down for the night/day/moment.