Farewell to Shikareum

This is a very personal and may be a sort of emotional post. So… yeah, it’s going to look like my heart had vomit all over this post. Eh, I’m an emotional writer.

First off I will be starting off with this simple statement. Shikareum is no longer considered a “reum.”

About Reum

I never actually intended it to be a group of friends when I first thought of the name “Reshyreum” which had the ending at the end of the name/word. It started off with a 14 year old me who couldn’t spell a Pokemon’s name correctly while mixing the name of another Pokemon I liked at the time. When Black and White 2 came out, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem were all the rage at the moment.

Everyone seemed to like those two Pokemon.

So 14 year old me was so excited that one of my most favorite legendary Pokemon of all time had gotten extra special attention by making Kyurem look extra fancy and cool. Reshiram and Kyurem, the two Pokemon needed to make a White Kyurem then became my focus for a name. I would ultimately fail by spelling Kyurem’s name wrong in a hybrid name for White Kyurem.

In simple English, the origin of the name “Reshyreum” came from a 14 year old me fangirling over a Pokemon and mixing the official names of the two Pokemon that created it. 14 year old me also could not spell one of the official Pokemon’s names and made a messed up spelling.

So you’re probably thinking: So how does this explain the whole “reum” group thing?

I’ll tell you. I had then made my sister’s account name Zekyreum to be exactly like my name. Only she was using Black Kyurem and Zekrom instead. This was so that people who saw our names would think “oh, they must know each other” or “oh, these two are clearly related.”

When I met Shika, she had asked me about the endings in our names. I told something similar along the lines of what I mentioned above or that it was so people would know that we were sisters. Something of that nature. She then asked me if she could change her screen name so that she could have “reum” in her name just like us. I never really thought it had any meaning, so I said she could.

This is what started the thing with people having the “reum” at the end of their names being in some sort of group. I never intended for “reum” to be a group.

So what about Shikareum?

I would like to say that we, me, Zekyreum, and Shikareum, had all decided to go our separate ways after some tension and complication in what was turning into a toxic relationship. Shikareum is no longer called Shikareum and I will not state what her current name is now.

We all three had had some pretty good times together in the passed year before the friendship anniversary. I feel bad that something like that had ended to what I suspect was miscommunication/lack of communication and little listening on both sides.

I’m not really good with good-byes and I don’t think I could really say it to Shika’s face without doing something stupid or something of that nature. Shika, if you’re reading this, which sadly I doubt you are, I would like to say good-bye. You’re welcome to still talk to me and Zekyreum, but it just won’t be the same anymore.

I can’t believe this only really started happening just because me and Zeky were playing a stupid game together through LAN.

So who has the “reum” ending?

Even though I stated above that it never was supposed to be a group, people ended up having it at the end of their names because they were friends with us ( me and Zekyreum. )

The whole “reum” thing has gone back to it’s beginning; just me and my sister have the ending now. If anyone else has it at the end of their name, they are most likely not me or Zekyreum. Below is a list of name(s) me and Zekyreum use with “reum” in it;

  • Reshyreum ( my main name )
  • Zekyreum ( my sister’s main name )
  • Yhsereum ( my alt name, usually a “genderbent” account )
  • Ykezreum ( my sister’s alt name, usually a “genderbent” account )

I’m kind of glad that it’s gone back to what I intended it to be. Just a cute sister bond thing.


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