It’s my fault if my dog dies…

One night I decide to actually pay attention to my dog named Toby because I wanted to play with him for once. I go outside with one of his dog toys and he was so happy to see that I wanted to play with him. At first I was messing around with his toy, then I threw it while he fetched, after that he did what most dogs do, his business when suddenly I see that he spotted something.

At first I didn’t think it was much until I realized he trotted to the far back of my yard, which made it hard to see what had actually caught his attention. Now I was getting curious as to what Toby was actually seeing and what he was doing.

Once I headed back there, I see that Toby was having a stare down with a raccoon who happened to be eating my mom’s tomatoes in her little garden. I tried to get my dog to come to me because I knew that raccoons were not something that anyone, dog or human ( or cat, since raccoons can make a poor kitty a snack ) but Toby wouldn’t listen to me. So I try getting louder and more stern with Toby telling him to “come here” but he still wouldn’t listen. After 10 seconds of me telling him to come to me, he started attacking the raccoon.

Now I was yelling at Toby to stop and come to me but I should’ve known he wouldn’t listen to me. I guess I was in a sort of shocked/adrenaline filled state where you couldn’t think straight. I could only think of getting Toby away from the raccoon. The next minute was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen my dog.

He started to fling the poor around, treating it like it was one of his chew toys. He threw it a little ways across the back of my family’s yard towards me, while I ran away from the snarling and hissing thing as fast as I could. Once I was a safe distance away, I saw Toby lunged at the raccoon’s throat. I waited for a minute because again, like I said before I was in that weird shocked and adrenaline filled state, the stress hormones must have been going crazy at the time, to see what Toby would do.

He had it’s throat in his mouth and I see that the raccoon, like any animal trying to fight an oppressor who has its throat, thrashing and trying to get away. The struggling stopped and I heard it cry out in pain and it was one of the most horrible sounds I had ever heard. That cry of pain brought me to my senses though and I dashed into the house to get my parents. The three of us rushed back outside after I, who was still in a sort of adrenaline filled state, was trying to explain to my parents why I was ran into the house and frantically knocked on their bedroom door.

My mom managed to snap Toby out of his vicious, never before seen mode and we got him inside. As of now ( the publishing date ), we’re waiting for the poor raccoon to just die in peace.

But now something has crossed my mind. What if Toby has rabies? Since he hasn’t been to the vet yet, he sadly hasn’t gotten the rabies prevention shot… This is just what I need, another stressful situation that may cost me my dog. I know he was only trying to protect me and his territory, but it may have cost him his life. Right now no one has found that he’s broken the skin of the raccoon and I don’t think Toby has gotten any broken skin either.

What bothers me though after doing some brief searching, I found one chilling fact. Animals with rabies develop paralysis in the hind legs. The raccoons back left leg looked messed up and before Toby started going crazy on it, it looked like it had a limp.

If this raccoon does indeed have rabies and has given Toby the disease, I may be the reason why my dog dies.