Response To Shikareum’s Last Email

I feel like I should make a response to the email, though I won’t be able to send it directly to her since she told me she won’t be using the email anymore.

Not going to share the whole email because I think’s it’s a little too personal to just paste somewhere. I will however post one small quote from the email ( hope you don’t mind Shika, or whatever you want me to call you now. )

I should’ve been the one apologizing too. Mostly because of my mental and emotional state, I can be a whirlwind of emotions, good or bad. It’s probably because of me and how I always find a way to complain about something for the whole sudden broken friendship. But that aside, I’m not angry at you anymore at least. I think I’ve hit the time where someone just remembers someone and the good memories come. I will answer you question though:

“If.. we meet and recognize each other in the future, please.. say hi to me wouldn’t you?” ( Shika’s Email )

If I recognize you, I will say hi. At first I might seem awkward if it’s a face to face conversation since I’m really bad with talking and using my vocals; I’ll seem very quiet, but I will say hi. And if you happen to really come to America, which I’m really doubting to be honest, I would still be willing to help you out. This is so formal sounding. xD

If you’re worried about me forgetting you Shika, I don’t think I could ever do that. We had too many great times together. I might be talking to myself since I don’t think you’ll even read this. This is so short and I don’t think I could write something worth you reading right now, but I’ll try to make a longer more meaningful post later.