Colors Everywhere!

I haven’t made a post in quit some time, probably not the long for some people, but I would say it’s been well over 2 weeks since my last post. This post is about something amazing that happened to me this morning when I checked my twitter! Not something bad or negative, something positive. :>

Someone on twitter who happened to have followed me because Liz ( or Haxorua ) had followed me had retweeted some of my art, told their followers to follow me and that I actually deserved way more than 10 followers. Here’s the tweet of what I’m talking about since it would make a whole lot of sense if I shared it. I should really say something to Syncronism for saying that and all, but to be honest, I’m a little scared with me being a socially anxious person.

Here’s an update on some of my recent personal projects, none done for anyone since no one really asks me and I’m bad in general with the whole commissioning thing. Which by the way, I think I should work on sooner or later… Sorry for crappy resolutions/quality, I’m horrible with taking photos with my phone recently.

Intro to the Craptastic gallery

The theme for me was to try and practice using actual colors and this led to me thinking “why not draw some of my favorite video game characters?” After all I wouldn’t have to worry about much, they’re already thought out and made for me. I just have to draw them in my style in some pose I liked. This made focusing on the colors so much easier for me since I was only thing about it. The dragon directly below with the rainbows was very experimental and I was pushing my shading and coloring to one of the highest levels I could achieve. Thought the rainbows aren’t exactly shaded, I thought to leave out the extra effort not because I was over with coloring it, but because I wanted them to look like they were glowing or some similar effect.

Hope you enjoy my colored stuff. :>

Pretend her colors aren't messed up. :>

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This one made me mad. >:l

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Flashwing from skylanders

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Whirlwind from Skylanders :>

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Blaze the cat from Sonic the hedgehog

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