Open Letter to Shikareum

A somewhat personal piece of writing for an old friend. I hope she’s still for whatever reason visiting my blog so that she’ll see this and read this.

Dear Shikareum,

Even though I haven’t been posting on my blog as much and more importantly haven’t written a letter or some kind of response to your email that you sent me so many months ago, I’ve decided that now is the time for something that I would consider important. I hope that you’re reading this right now and that you don’t think I’ve forgotten all about you, which I fear you might think that.

It’s been a while since I thought over some of the things we’ve been through, a lot of the time we spent together was actually really fun and sometimes I even miss those times. When we went our separate ways, I never really wanted to truly be separate. I still wanted us to keep contact with each other and I guess I should’ve used my voice to tell you that. While I’m writing this, I’m thinking of some of the things you and me, maybe even Zeky could’ve done together.

We’re not mad at you, we never really were. Even if some of my posts on my blog seemed harsh to you, I never meant it in that way. I never thought they had upset you because you never really brought them up… that aside, I’ve decided that our friendship was split because of any of us. I feel like it was all the things we never told each other, rather than the conflicts we shared. Now I feel like we could’ve all worked through the struggle and just talked to each other.

In fact, I would be willing to give our friendship a second chance. I can’t speak for Zeky because she’s not sure. If you’re willing to come in contact with me directly, you can just shoot me an email and we could start talking again. If we get stressed out again like when we split, we could all try talking through it and helping each other, like real friends. I feel that it’s too late to be asking for a second chance at a friendship since it’s been a while since you last sent me that email and you might have changed. I know I haven’t really changed. xD Maybe just a bit more mature now.


Hope to come in contact with you, if ever,

-Allaina P.


One thought on “Open Letter to Shikareum

  1. A bit more mature? Idk bout that. LOL. Thanks for your response. My grammar still sucks. I understand about Zeky. Lolsies. Of course we can be friends again. If you don’t mind.

    -Stranger Swagger

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