Art Block and Stress

I’ve hit one or two weeks of art block. It’s not over so I don’t expect to make anything that’s actually finished… ;-;

Because of my art block, I haven’t made anything colorful or even remotely decent that would be worth showing. Unless you would count character/OC reference sheets for the comic I plan on making for my school paper. The reference sheets aren’t inked, therefore they are hard to see, but I’ll share a link to a Google Drive folder containing them. It will all seem confusing since I don’t have any text explaining anything in it, but feel free to look at my school comic, which I’ve decided to call “Neko Hiko” or as a rough translation of Japanese romanic characters for “Cat Prince.”

I plan on trying to convert a majority of a sketchbook into a comic book for this so that I’ll have something impressive for an art program called S.W.E.A.T. Please don’t hurt me for not knowing what it stands for! “Students with extraordinary artistic talents” is what it stands for I believe.

The Stress

Because of art block on top of all the other stuff going on in my head I’ve been feeling stressed. Especially since the school’s are pressuring me into going to a college, university or some other post high school program. I don’t think I should waste money learning stuff I may already know since the field of study I would take would be art. All they would really give me is advice and practice with other materials, which I could do without them. ( them and they as in the post-high-school education )

I also feel like I have to get a driver’s license which I’ve been putting off because for one my parents are busy, dad’s busy with doing a roofing company and drinking when he’s home and my mom works over time just to bring enough money home. On top of that, I have really bad anxiety. It’s scary learning how to drive in a big truck.

I feel like everything will work out. Sure I’ll struggle and I’ll have those sleepless nights where I’m worrying myself sick on if I’m really going to make it and those days where my depression gets the best of me ( probably because of art block, hopefully ) I’ll just see where my life takes me.

Art Related

I may not post all of my art onto this blog, but it’ll end up on my social media accounts.

Here’s my instagram account and here is my twitter account. I have my private Facebook account, which is for people who I trust and have seen in person and then there’s my Facebook page. Do not ask for my personal FB and my page seems to be having issues… I recommend checking my INSTAGRAM for art because I post it often on there compared to my twitter.


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