Fall Break

Due to my high school following the year round schooling schedule, I have two weeks off right now. This means I can finally relax without having to worry about not becoming too much of a zombie in school!

While I’ve been doing that, I’ve officially made a deviant art account and a patreon to help me buy sketch books and other art supplies so I can keep drawing without worrying about running out of something.

Events that took place since I last posted…

I’ve registered to vote for the president of my country since I’ve turned 18. I’m facing the realities of becoming an young adult and it’s crushing me with it’s almighty pressure. My mother is trying to teach me how to drive in her work place’s parking lot on weekends, while my dad is causing drama, which might make him be kicked out. Since Black Friday is coming faster than I can’t cope with, I’m binge playing Dinosaur Simulator on Roblox for DNA. I’ve ordered a pokemon exclusive new 3DS XL, sun and moon theme. On top of that, I’ve preordered Pokemon Sun!

About My DeviantArt And Patreon

I’m fairly new to it, despite me remembering I had a previous account on DA… can’t remember. I doubt I’ll post as much on DA since I fear that my art will be stole and I need to figure out how to put water marks of some kind on my art submitted in there. DA just isn’t new user friendly, especially since despite it being a large community, I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff about some of the members, like fighting in comment sections like toddlers. Because of these things/fears, I probably won’t use DA as much.

I’m also very new to patreon. Please forgive me if I have no idea on what I’m doing on it. ^w^” If you’re wanting to help fund my little sketches, which will most likely appear on my Twitter and/or my instagram. If you want to see my patreon, please click here!

I think that’s it… you’ll most likely see me on ChickenEngineer’s Dinosaur Simulator game on roblox more than anything right now. I’m also sort of excited for the new pokemon game!