Thoughts on Selling Doodles & Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions

Since my laptop has been having issues with the keyboard for the passed two days, I’ve been considering selling some doodles to people. I don’t know what exactly that it is that I’ll be drawing or if people will like it or even how I’m going to transfer money and product…

You’ve got to love technology. I mean c’mon, it’s like a money pit right? My laptop would cost more than it’s worth just to replace the keyboard or fix whatever it is that’s making it spazz. Because of these little spazz episodes, which have literally started happening for no apparent reason, I’ve decided to get serious with trying to sell a little bit of my art, on top of trying to learn how to drive and hopefully hold a small job. I’ve heard that around the seasons, retail stores pay more so maybe I should look into those.

When it comes down to how am I going to give people said art, whether I physically mail it to them, hand deliver like a pixie, or just give them pictures of the art, I don’t know. It’s just hard to wrap my head around. I would love to draw people’s OCs in my own art and take photos of them since that would be the best thing to do that I can think of. X_X I still have a patreon if anyone’s interested. ;v; 

If I decide to do the OC drawings, I plan on making the sketches 2 USD, inked (not shaded) 3 USD, graphite shading around 4 to 5 USD and colored pencil drawings with inked lines around 5 to 6 USD. But I will warn you that I do not have any means of payment, AKA I have to get a paypal account… just stay tuned for if I do end up opening commissions.