People & Communities Change…

Not really trying to talk about anything deep here, but I noticed that a pet site, which is a website that you register to either keep, raise, breed, battle, train, etc. a specific kind of pet, has become very dead. It’s kind of depressing to see that such a warm community had become frozen in what seems like a black hole of the internet.

This website is called Acitius. I used to be a very active member of the community until there were huge updates, I met Shikareum, and had just moved on in general. I never told anyone in the community that I was leaving or retiring or WHATEVER DEAD ACCOUNTS TURN INTO, thinking I was going to come back and get interested in it again. This was almost one or two years ago. Another thing, I didn’t talk much, therefore why should I make a post on their forums saying I might be going away or something? I’m just sort of shy even though I write on a blog and make the occasional tweet, instagram or facebook post… just a very reserved person.

Well I have come back, not so sure if I’ll be a part of the community, but what I did see when I went to the website was that it’s becoming what old, small communities become; forgotten.

For someone like me, I’ve browsed a little when I was active but was too scared to do anything and found that the community was warm and welcoming to all sorts of people, therefore it was an amazing game at the time. Might still be too, but I don’t know if you’ll see many people to talk to.

Before I ramble anymore, I will give a link to the website if anyone is interested in pet sites. Just click here to check it out!Β It just brings back memories when I visit this site. ;v;

I’ve also posted some new are on my Instagram if you haven’t seen it already! There might be some funny screenshot(s) on my Twitter account too!