Dinosaur Simulator Black Friday Sale Thoughts

So the “limiteds” for the majority have just gone on sale approximately 2 hours ago. Everyone has been saving up DNA for this event ever since they learned about dinosaurs like Indominus Rex, which had been renamed “Albino Terror” were going on sale publicly for only a few hours. There’s something different though about this year’s Black Friday Sale in Dinosaur simulator.

Prices are now all over the place!

And for some players, including me, are finding some of the prices unreasonably ridiculous. After all, some players aren’t willing to spend their extra cash on Robux on the Roblox website just to unlock the skins or blocky dinosaurs in some game. And on top of that, some people like me haven’t been playing dinosaur simulator 24/7 just for this event!

All skins and dinosaurs were supposed to be around the 3,210 range in the currency used in Chicken Engineer’s game Dinosaur Simulator on Roblox. Yet this year, some people are finding that two of the most popular skins “Albino Terror” and “Megavore” are higher priced than anything else.

Albino Terror, which is the new Indominus Rex is 22,500 DNA. It’s alternate skin demands that a player adds a 10,000 DNA to unlock both original white and the black skin. In total to have both dinosaurs, I player would have to have approximately 32,500 DNA. That’s a lot of play time for someone who doesn’t spend any money and some players who would have the time and interest will have no problem buying both.

The second most expensive and wanted skin is named “Megavore.” It’s a unique hybrid of spinosaurus, t-rex, some kind of raptor, stegosaurus, and a triceratops. There was a new model added and it seems to be mostly carnivores. Nontheless, that skin demands that players spend almost as much time earning DNA with a price of 15,ooo DNA.

Kind of ridiculous right? If a player farmed DNA by playing as one of the strongest dinosaurs in the game other than limited skins, it takes about 24 hours to earn around 5,100 DNA (playing as the new red sauroposeidon skin.) I do not know exactly how much DNA one would earn playing as a barosaurus, which had been added to the game this month.

In past experiences, all these skins would’ve cost around 3,200 DNA. That was reasonable in my eyes, but rumors flew around in the chat system in the game saying that some skins would be more expensive than before. Of course, I didn’t want to believe the rumors because I knew I would always be hovering around the 16,000 range of DNA.

After some calculation I did with a little guessing, even if I played 24 hours straight as a sauroposeidon, I would never be able to buy the Albino Terror. I will have earned just a little bit below what I would’ve needed to get the Albino Terror; 22,083 approximately. Playing 24 hours straight isn’t humanly possible and I wasn’t prepared for the sudden price jump of 3,200 to 22,500 DNA. I guess this year I will have to settle with only a Kaiju Sauroposeidon and hopefully a Megavore this year…

Now Albino Terror (or called i-rex by players) for me this year and I was hoping to be able to purchase it this Black Friday.