Race to get “Albino Terror” in Dinosaur Simulator

You’ll have to see my previous post relating to dinosaur simulator to be put into context for this post. Go read up on it now before you read this and become confused. :3

I’ve found that DNA farming with the limited skin hydra ( the Kaiju Sauroposeidon ) is sort of… better than Barosaurus only because you can simply find a high place to hide on the edge of the map and leave the dinosaur while not leaving the game while getting DNA. What a mouthful. Sadly, it earns a little less DNA per day you survive as an elder compared to an elder Barosaurus but hey, it’s one of the highest earning dinos as of right now.

As of my calculations from the previous post, I’m not even sure how many hours you would have to dedicate to this game to earn the albino terror starting off with nothing. The numbers just seem to change all of the time…

Anyway, from my perspective, this is going to be a real challenge. I really want that albino terror, even though some people who already have it says it’s bad or whatever the excuse, and I’m going to try to push myself to the limits like a no-life on that game. I haven’t been able to sleep as much as I usually do on breaks from school because of stress, but luckily, this stress is better than the kind I had before DS’s ( not Nintendo DS people ) Black Friday event.

So in other words, this is keeping my mind busy. Might not be the healthiest way, but hey it keeps me from ranting about my frustrations with my poor sister Zeky and Shikareum, our friend. I just can’t seem to shut up sometimes.

After tomorrow when or near the ending of the Black Friday event, I will hopefully post a somewhat positive post about the results of my first real Black Friday on DS. I missed the two previous years and I wish to shoot myself in the foot because of it. >.<“