Dinosaur Simulator Adventures: I meet a karaoke pop star? :D

I was playing DS on good ol’ ROBLOX on a small server with only little me, when suddenly someone who has to sing everything they are listening to and feels like they’re a bada** comes onto the server. What did Resh encounter?

Nice intro to my DS story right? Like above I was playing the game DS on ROBLOX and was enjoying the peace of playing as my albino terror without some people wanting to kill me or talk to me or ask me to be on their team, JUST BECAUSE I WAS THE DANG THING. I’ve gotten so many friend requests from people like that… anywho, this person comes onto my little paradise and starts singing random crap in the chat. Apparently their brother followed them, but it was like the kid was mute. He never said a word, which was kind of creepy but eh…

The guy who kept singing was the big brother I’m guessing cause he kind of, I don’t know, acted like a prick.

I thought he was talking to me at first in the chat when he was singing, but after I saw that the words looked like lyrics cause damn, someone wanting to tie and chain you up while doing who knows what? You feel uncomfortable as this dude is “singing” these lyrics to this song you’ve never heard. Then they threaten you out of nowhere, not a serious threat though… “you know me and my brother can rekt you xD” was what he said. I had literally done nothing but given the dude a few sarcastic, somewhat rude, smart comments to his sarcastic, somewhat rude, smart comments. Not to mention you suspect he called you a curse word. e.e

At that point, my patience with the little boy was running then. I had told him “No you can’t because I wouldn’t let you come near me. e.e”

Then he basically said he would hack and warp to me using some “admin” feature when his name in the players list had no special markings to indicate he had any  kind of special powers.

So in the end, you pretend to be nice to him even though you’re wanting to roast his a** as he “sings” whatever the h*** comes onto whatever music program he was using to listen to music. You end up accepting his friend request which was weird for him to do since you literally gave a max of 20 sentences while he was “singing” to himself.

To be brutally honest, I will probably block the dude because he creeps me the f*** out. I also cannot express how much I wanted to kill him in-game because him and his brother where in a pack; elder albino terror with baby giga. Easy pickings for a megavore… which I had eldered. c;