A New Tablet & A Horde of Prisma Colored Pencils!

Despite my family ignoring the little game loving person that I am, I am happy that they actually looked at a Christmas list I had posted on social media!

The highlights of the Christmas of 2016 for me was a small tablet, a box of 132 prisma colored pencils and a Pokemon Johto Edition Monopoly board. The rest of  the stuff mostly consisted of rings, a jewelry box some other pokemon stuff and just those little things you like, but not fangirl over. Ever since my jewelry loving grandma learned that I like and wear rings, it seems that’s all she gets me. At least she gets real silver and stuff.

A little update on the ROBLOX dinosaur model I was making, I kind of forgot about it ever since my winter break from school started.

Now I’m just doodling and messing around on my tablet trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t for me. Ever since I got it, I haven’t touched a piece of paper and pencil. I feel so guilty for that. ;-; I’ve also become hyper sensitive to people who make traditional art now since I can now do both [traditional and digital].

I’ve posted some digital art on my instagram and twitter if you want to bother looking at it. Sorry if it’s bad. :T

Example of digital

Omg, nice that I can finally draw digitally with my new tablet. C:

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Example of Prisma (traditional)

One last thing, happy [late] New Years! 😀