Sorry for being so inactive…

I just can’t think of anything to post anymore. I feel like if I do end up posting stuff again, it’ll be too repetitive. On top of that, I had a short period where my laptop’s keyboard just acted dead and the second key board worked just fun, until recently. Now it likes to spam X and 2.

High school graduation is also around the corner… well maybe it feels like that to me. I don’t know where I’m going to go. I’m 18 and don’t know how to drive, I’m so anxious about learning how to drive and my mom doesn’t ever have time for me. So far I’ve been good, as you probably noticed on my twitter and instagram. I’ve also had the occasional “I feel like total crap” on some weeks but I’m managing.

Here are some recent pieces of art I’ve made digitally and traditionally. I’m doing pretty good digitally for someone who’s using the free stuff on this one program that I forgot the name of. xD

I’ve recently FAILED an art contest. The art contest was to draw a skin for the game dinosaur simulator on roblox and for whatever reason, I didn’t even get 30 votes on a packed discord server. Still pretty bruised mentally after it. Here’s my entry if anyone’s wondering:

*I’ve been focusing more and more on beasts, but because I’m so used to people, I’m drawing furries, though I just say that cause I want an excuse to draw them. Just trying out new stuff because anime/cartoonish people isn’t cutting it for me anymore. They bore me to be quite honest.*

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First sketch in my newest sketchbook :>

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