Blog Revamps for 2017?

I feel like I should really put in some effort with my blog. One tiny step would be to revamp all of the art work, or whatever you consider it, and just give it a new look. Some pages might get revamped and cleaned up as well, but I don’t think they can get any more clean without looking like they’re missing anything.

Plans for Blog Updates

I want to make sure everything art related is scrapped and redone. Having update art on a site is important in my opinion because it doesn’t look like some old forgotten crypt that should just be deleted already. Sure some of the stuff is I guess good/decent, but it’s similar to wearing the same clothes everyday. The wearer either gets tired of wearing the outfit or they grow out of it.

As for when I’m pumping out updates to my blog, I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to do these plans. Hopefully within the next month or so. Let’s just hope I don’t go a whole year of not doing anything to my blog.

Outside of WordPress

If you haven’t already noticed, I had given up on my DA almost as soon as I made it. Maybe I’ll come back to it later but I can’t make any guarantees. If you see me doing anything on it, it’s not me and I would like it if someone would tell me via Discord. I’ve kind of cut back on using Instagram and Twitter, but I think I’m more active on Twitter.

My Discord user is Reshyreum #2201 if you are wondering, if you add me, make sure you also tell me who you are and stuffs. Introduce yourself.Β Remember I’m very shy so I might take a while of texting/typing to get comfortable. Also don’t ask anything personal because I don’t know you well. >….>