Let’s Help a Friend’s Dream Come True!

This post is somewhat personal and involves a good friend of mine. She’s helped me along the rough road of high school, or at least most of the way to graduating, and she’s a good person. She’s just recently started a GoFundMe to help her start a small art business so that she can fulfill her dream of being an independent artist.

Here’s a tweet from me regarding the GoFundMe on my twitter (will be pinned for a while) if you haven’t seen it already and are interested in helping a friend of mine. Any donations, no matter how small are appreciated! Except for the smart ass penny/1 cent donations. 


Here is the official link to her GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/x3f6ngqc

Link to my tweet is https://twitter.com/Reshyreum/status/839250064753192960

Help by spreading the link around!

If you want to help out but can’t come up with a donation, spreading the link to the gofundme around will also help out! Any help is appreciated! :>