Unsure Of Blog Layout (& A Story)

I’m so sorry for people who actually read my blog and had gotten used to one layout only to come back to an entirely new layout. I’m just so unsure on what I want my blog to actually look like and it doesn’t help how I haven’t gotten any updated art and images for anything. Just please forgive me as I figure out what I want to do with my blog. I might change the blog back to the way it had originally been but I’m not sure on anything.

A Dinosaur Simulator Story

Yep, still playing this game on ROBLOX. It’s changed quite a bit over the past couple of months, but with the game changing, so has some of the dirty fighters and scammers and cheaters. There was one particular pair of players that I’ve come into contact with were dirty fighters. If you’re unfamiliar with the game and don’t know what I’m talking about, please bare with me, this story might be somewhat entertaining.

So any way, I was playing as a carnivore that had recently gotten a beautiful update. New animations and model looked amazing compared to the now named “Classic Giganotosaurus.” So I was playing as it because I wanted to enjoy the dino’s new appearance when suddenly I see to abrasive Giganotosaurus’ coming from around a nearby hill. I had been trying to hunt and kill something for food and when I saw them I started walking off into another direction.

They ignored the food completely and were still coming for me, I really didn’t want to have a fight but they were asking for it when one of them roared at me. I had no choice but to launch my elder Giganotosaurus at the two juvenile ones. After a minute or two, I had completely destroyed them, but from experience, I knew hanging around an area where you had killed someone or even a small pack wasn’t a smart idea. I was right, the two players had come from around the same hill but this time as babies.

Again left with no choice since babies are faster than adults and elders in this game, I had to kill them both a second time. I knew I had to get out of there because these two had shown that they were relentless. I couldn’t get out of there by going to the main menu because they had me locked into the combat indicator, which won’t let you go to the main menu if you attacked or were attacked.Nearly at 2/3 my health, I watched in horror as I was trying to get out of the area the pair come running around the corner for the second time as babies.

I fought them again and after the small fight, I was nearly at half my health. Something was telling me to just log, but I knew that if I did that, they would laugh at me and I would be reset to a juvenile anyway. Despite the odds, I started running and for the third freaking time, they had come charging at me.

I had already figured out their strategy though. They would both keep coming at me until I lost my elder. I knew that they would keep coming so even though I knew they were going to catch up to me and chip away at my health, I had to think of something; which was to jump into the nearby sea despite my dinosaur not being able to swim well. Having killed them for the fourth time, I had jumped into the water. I knew that this would slow me down, but it would slow them down as well.

Luckily, I didn’t see them come pouring of the edge of the small cliff and this had given me enough time to main menu and just get out of there. When I switched to a small pterosaur, something that if it were to have been killed, would regrow easily and quickly, I saw that they had both switched to something that could swim. I flew my pterosaur to a small island, made a nest/spawn point and regrew my elder Giganotosaurus in the safety of a smaller island cut off from the mainland.

I have learned that my tactics for leaving an area after killing player(s) was actually a safety precaution that I had kind of started to forget about. This is also a dirty tactic that scrublords do to make people lose elder dinosaurs or strong/valuable dinosaurs to death.