When People Give You Away on a Game

I’m currently trying to farm the in game currency in a ROBLOX game called Dinosaur Simulator and to do that you have to survive as a dinosaur and actually play and someone decided to announce to the server what I was playing as. c:

How people farm DNA is simple, you just sit somewhere safe and occasionally check back on the meters measuring how thirsty and hungry you are. Most people would obviously do this on small servers because the number of safe spots are so much higher than if there were more people on the said server. You especially don’t want to die because to get the most DNA out of surviving you have to be a dinosaur with a really slow growth rate.

Meaning, if you die, you might be spending the next five-six hours regrowing your lost dinosaur and on top of that, you’re not getting as much DNA.

So I’m doing all of this because well, I haven’t been keeping up with buying and earning DNA for all of the new stuff that has come out onto the game. This egg system, separate from the survival eggs gives you a random dinosaur based off of the theme you picked and I’ve got my eye on a pretty rare dinosaur called the “Mayhem Gojirasaurus.” So yeah, I’m going to need a lot of DNA and since it’s night time, a majority of people won’t be coming on because of sleep schedules. Perks of being on break for two weeks.

So I’ve decided to play as one of my dinos called the “Kaiju Sauroposeidon.” Kind of a really old dino for the game, but it’s pretty much King Ghidora (forgive me if I misspelled.) The reason why I like to use it to farm DNA is because not only is it’s growth rate slow, but it can fly to safety where I could just easily tab out or stay while doing something on another device.

On top of that, it’s extremely rare and somewhat fragile for the dinosaur it is. Therefore, people will always say things like “Kaiju Sauro” or “Who’s the Kaiju Sauro?” This ultimately gives me away and might make other, more experienced players look for me because they know the stats and think that I’m most likely farming for DNA.Of course, it’s like that with every rare dino.

Say you’re trying to play as your Albino Terror (which is a variant of Indominus Rex) and you’re trying to hide because you don’t want people to mess with you because you know your spot in the power tree of dinosaurs in the game. I know, I worded it strangely, but say you’re in that scenario. If some newb (or noob) sees you, they’ll basically scream to the whole server that someone’s a terror and this could trigger rekting scrublords.

It’s just overall annoying. And since it’s a ROBLOX powered game, you can’t scream some colorful words at them, so you’re left to just roast in your own little fire of hate for a few seconds before switching to something else. By the way, have I mentioned that some of the players that do this kind of stuff will literally narrate what they’re doing to the whole server? Especially when they’re hunting you? c:

Some people’s logic amazes me on game like this.