ROBLOX: Dinosaur Simulator, Issues with “Friends” Begging

Okay, so many people have come to me on a dinosaur simulator server thinking I’ll do whatever they ask because of they’re on my friend’s list and all that, but because of a stupid reason. They lost their rare dinosaur to a scammer, not my fault, and they want me to replace it for them. Without giving me anything in exchange.

I can’t tell you how many times a friend from my friends list has come onto a server, which is sometimes normal because, well, I’m a kool kid, but seriously, too many have come onto a server, asking me if I have a rare dino they want or how many of a certain rare dino I have and will ask me that one question that makes me the most angry. These conversations usually go like this;

Person: “Resh.” or “Hey Resh.”

Me: “?” or “What?”

Person: “How many of [insert dino name] do you have?” or “Do you have [insert dino name]?”

Me: “I have one (of each,) why?” or “Yes/no, why?”

Person: “I got scammed.” or “I lost mine because of a scam(mer).”

Me: “No.”

Person: “Why not?”

Me: *Answer is typically, because of well dialogue changes.* “I don’t give away something I worked hard for.”

After I say no, people will tend to be persistent and at least ask once again. This has been one of the most unenjoyable things about Dinosaur Simulator since Chicken Engineer introduced his trading system. If any one of those people happen to be reading this right now, I don’t sympathize you because you lost something, work for it because nothing pisses a person off like someone coming up to them and asking them for something, especially something they worked for or love.

These people make me want to purge my friend’s lists on games.

Also, I’m proud how this outfit design thing came out! Worked on it all day even though I desperately need to focus on school.


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