Skyrim: Epic Battle NPC?

I had been playing Skyrim the other day like I usually do when I was bored, loaded into my save file on my main character (a female Khajiit if anyone was wondering) on a modded game. I had seen something amazing, an unbelievably epic NPC battle!

I kind of sounded like a click baiter, but the story about the NPCS were really cool.

I got onto my horse and started heading to some location needed for some side quest I wanted to finish when suddenly I saw my Khajiit’s ears pull back in the battle music started. Since there were no wolves, I assumed it was something like spiders. I was so wrong when I heard the dragon roaring and suddenly land. Strangely, I wasn’t what it wanted to kill–

The dragon had actually targeted a nearby giant, which I didn’t even know was there until the fight started. I was in shock as spiders came over a hill to enter the battle and all of this was happening right in front of me, all of these aggressive NPCs weren’t even going for me!

The dragon and giant swept through the spiders and I decided to park my horse somewhere farther away. I wanted to watch and see who would be the victor so I could kill them and loot everything. When I went back to the area of the fight, they had both moved. I could still here the fighting and saw clouds of dirt farther into the snowy forest in which I was in. I headed in the direction to see that the dragon was now fighting two ice wraiths. I decided to kill everything and managed to do so eating up some of the food I kept hoarding, food’s a problem with me. xD

The dragon, a giant, 2 frostbite spiders, and 2 ice wraiths had all apparently gotten into a giant brawl. I just had to share this story, it was ridiculous.