No Debug Menu in The Isle

This feature was finally removed and makes the game one step closer to being complete and an actual game, but with every update, people find something to complain about. When I started skimming the patch notes of the most recent update, I was looking for anything new, other than the removed debug menu. It was all I saw people complaining about and then in game after the update, all people did was bitch about the removed “feature.”

I don’t really care for the debug menu, it’s not supposed to be an actual feature any way. People seemed to have grown attached to using the debug menu, probably because they’d rather have EXACT numbers of every little thing possible, including map co-ordinates, hunger, bleed stack, thirst, stamina and a bit of other stuff I never cared to remember. I see people say things like “gg, now I won’t know if I’ll live after being bit” or “now how am I supposed to see my progression points?” and other related stuff.

Firstly, the Isle currently has a little meter for thirst, hunger and stamina at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This is HOW a player is SUPPOSED to know their hunger, thirst and stamina. Under these littler fancy meters are an indicator for if you have a broken leg and if you have any bleed at all.

(VVVVV tweet showing actual in-game VVVVVV)

For health, your dinosaur’s actual appearance will show you if you’re in good shape or not. This is indicated by physical tears and scaring on the players’ dinosaurs. I mean, if you’re bleeding from your ass and look like you ran through a meat grinder, you would think your character in a game ISN’T HEALTHY AT ALL.

Another thing people are complaining about is there being no “coords” which would tell you exactly where you are on the map. First thing I gotta say, these people should’ve remembered the appearance of the maps they play in, cause a debug menu IS NOT EVER GOING TO STAY PERMANENTLY. Secondly, for people complaining about their being no realistic or close to realistic dinosaur games, did these things have freaking magical maps that told them where they were? Hell no.

People complain about not being able to see their progression points. Look. In. The. Progression. Menu. And actually play and enjoy the game. As for growth, if something looks bigger than you, WHY go near it? I MEAN SERIOUSLY. LOGIC.

I’m just tired of seeing people complain about something being removed that was never going to stay. Seriously. Other games force players to memorize a map, why can’t something like the isle? This was also chaotic, but it’s just a rant. xD