My Experience on The Isle so far

Remember that dinosaur game I mentioned in one of those 1-2 year old posts and how I couldn’t play it? Well I’ve been playing it a bit recently and I’ve wanted to share my personal experiences on that game so far.

I’ll just be honest, that game is not a newb friendly game. The game did promote that it’d be a harsh survival game once it was finished and my gosh, it’s already cruel for those people who just got the game. Firstly, if you hadn’t been keeping up with the game before playing religiously, you have no clue what animals you exact chosen creature can handle. This is a problem especially when you’re a carnivore and you’re trying to look for something that you can sink your teeth into.

Another problem is the care bears. So the game is strict with survival, or more like it’s meant to be where players only help their same species. Well, someone thought it smart to make mega packs, with not just large groups of strictly herbivores or strictly carnivores, no people mix t-rexes with shants (large herbivore) and just chill somewhere.

Then, some servers you have to announce that you need to hunt for food or else you risk getting banned. And some genius thought it was smart in some of those servers to allow name tags to pop up. Like really now? Is it fair when a little herbivore is easy to spot by a hungry carnivore? Forget using the bushes as cover, which is what they were intended for.

When you get into a group of the same species, people expect you to know how to hunt when you have no idea how hunting works. So you’ll end up, as someone with little experience in the game, just acting sheepish and mostly end up circle and distracting. As the second paragraph said, you also don’t know what’s on the menu for your dino or if you’re on the menu for something else.

Overall, as a new player, the isle can be quite scary and intimidating.