3 Month Old Desktop Acts like it’s 5 years Old

I recently got this new desktop right? Almost as soon as I got out of highschool as my graduation present, yet something isn’t right.

The first week of me having the thing was all nice and dandy, even gotten a 6 month protection package from my mom who was kind enough to get it for me. The company was called Trend Micro, remember that name. And since I had been used to using some clunky, messed up laptop, the thought of a desktop with awesome graphics card (well, at least awesome compared to what I was used to) and being faster (laptop was 2.1~2.2 GHz while desktop is 3.5 GHz) I was really excited.

Recapping the first week.

First week using it was amazing. Everything was so much faster and I could do so much more! My keyboard also didn’t have spazz attacks out of the blue like my messed up laptop.

I was also given some money, which I used to finally get some of those dinosaur games for the PC that I’ve been wanting so much, along with other things like a phone case and new headphones, which I grabbed both for cheaper than what they were supposed to be, and was actually able to use my steam account more.

But within the first 5 days of use, I noticed something off. Randomly, my keyboard and mouse would become unresponsive. They would still be plugged into the back of the tower, but nothing I did would help. This would then require me to hard reboot. Confused and concerned for my new PC, I started looking up answers. Of course, Google never really helps especially when you’re looking for a specific answer, which the best one I got was that my PC was overworking for some reason and would randomly shut them off. Something like that, which made sense because when they did shut off, I was usually playing something like Skyrim, ARK, or the Isle.

But, the problems seemed to get worse.

I had given my mother 40 USD to go out and get a blue tooth speaker since we didn’t have anything to play sound on my desktop and she was going out to run errands anyway. She came back later that day with a blue tooth speaker, the light up kind like I’ve always dreamed of having when I was smaller. I was eager and got it set up with my desktop.

First couple of hours went by when suddenly a problem arose with this newly purchased device. It would suddenly shut off shortly before the key board and mouse would. 

Strange isn’t it? And keep in mind, my antivirus Trend Micro supposedly was protecting my devices with my desktop and was finding no problems. So I brushed it off, fought off the urge to have my blue tooth speaker taken back since I figured it was the desktop that was the reason. Keep in mind, my desktop at the time was about a month old if even that.

Then after a month, the PC performance went down hill…

After about of month of these strange occurrences, I found that my desktop was starting to get slower and seemingly more bogged up. I didn’t know what was happening, seeing as my desktop was only about a month old and I had mostly been playing Skyrim at the time (vanilla Skyrim even!) So I had little activity on browsers and etc. yet my PC was acting similar to my laptop when I had gotten some adware on accident while downloading Sims 4 mods (which I started to avoid sites that seemed suspicious with sims 4 content.) You could imagine how frustrated and confused I was. How could a seemingly brand new desktop be acting just as bad as my 2 year old laptop (which is now almost 3 years old!)

I started manually scanning my PC with Trend Micro and it kept coming clean, so again I brushed it off. After all, an antivirus program you actually paid for, you’d expect them to do their job right?

About 2 months or so pass and it’s becoming unbearable!

This is present day.

I had slowly started to piece together that it was my antivirus that was the source of my problems! After all, none of the other PCs in my household had the bloody program and worked just fine! In fact, my almost 3 year-old, spazzing laptop was almost running better than my 3 month old desktop. That’s when I was like “Okay, what the f***?”

I mean, a program/game called Roblox slowly stopped running altogether on my desktop and all of my browsers now crash, freeze and act up. Discord, which I had been using for a while was also acting up, having to be crashed or closed out because it was becoming VERY unresponsive. All of my browsers, which included Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge were all working like complete a*s. As for Roblox, I went to their help page and had done everything they said would fix issues ranging from clearing all of your browsers’ caches, clearing out corrupted files (through disk clean up and defragmenting,) and even resetting your internet setting. When having done all three, the last option was that my firewall and antivirus was causing the issue.

That’s when it dawned on me.

My old laptop never had Trend Micro and worked now better than my desktop. Crazy right?! So now having my suspicions, I looked up reviews for Trend Micro, along with my sister’s help. The truth about it had been revealed! People on Consumer Affairs were saying the exact problems I had been having. On Toms Guide, I found that also they confirmed that there were MANY false positives and that it effects the performance, though I bet they were kind of bribed to give it a better review.

Just look up reviews for yourself, I’m very suspicious of them and I feel like they’ve somewhat ruined my PC.

Like every product, it depends on the person. I’m just telling you what happened to my new desktop after only having it for 4 months max and having Trend Micro. My other computer work completely fine and I’m too afraid to add the program to them thinking that it’ll ruin them too.

I’m still experiencing issues after a day of uninstalling the program. ;-; Will see if not having it installed for a couple of days will help.