Browsing Random Petsites

Lmfao, I keep forgetting to update this blog, but Dinosaur Planet Amino keeps me busy with having to monitor, make events, the like.

Anyway, I’ve been into those petsites that you play by clicking around and adopting random creatures through various methods. After looking through a couple, I’ll just make a quick and simple post containing the ones I’ve registered to (or visited for that matter.)


Flight Rising

Probably my most favorite petsite right now. This game allows you to start out a clan full of dragons and follow a elemental diety (making you join the deity’s flight) and play games to earn treasure (this site’s basic currency,) participate in dominance battles each week (simply participate by exalting dragons in your clan) and battling enemies in the coliseum. You pokemon fans would LOVE the coliseum. Dare I say you can breed your dragons too? Right now it’s their welcome week, meaning they are open for new people to register. If you are unsure when they are open for registration, they open the second Sunday of each month.

PS: my username is “Reshyreum” if you’re interested in I don’t know, messaging me or some other crap.

Visit Flight Rising here!


I’ve just recently made an account on this site, but the concept seems very interesting. You are a male lion who is in charge of a pride, you must find lionesses, breed with them to expand your pride, have male lions (I’m assuming similar to beta ranks in wolf packs) take territory from other prides, fight wild animals and defend your pride. Overall, a realistic lion pride simulator type game with a few surprises in between. That’s all I have to say on it so far. This site is always open to registration!

**Side note, you must be over the age of 16 to join Lioden.

Visit Lioden!


A more fantasy themed pet game, I have found it fun to just “scavenge” for trash to earn trinkets (this games common currency) instead of playing repeatitive and boring games like most other sites like it. Oh, the games are extremely confusing unless you’re into board game things. There are horses, dragons, griffins, a weird owl-like creature and so on. You can also breed your creatures to make hybrids and come out with unique pets! This is also one of those pet sites where you’re able to customize not one, but multiple human avatars. They are always open to registration!


While I find this strange that this pet site is still in “beta” after YEARS of being in that state, it’s still up there with those “decent” pet sites. I’m currently waiting for them to approve my registration request, and yes, you technically have to request to join this particular site, so I can’t really say much. You’re basically breeding alien feline species as the focus. If you want to try your luck and see if you can get approved go right ahead. ;)))

Visit FelisFire!


I’ve played this game for years and have been a little disappointed in this one. There’s not really much to do for those who want to be occupied by said site constantly, but for those who like to just do a check-in and be good, this site is for you! Sadly, unlike the previous sites I’ve mentioned, there is no breeding at all. However, there are many unique creatu to collect along with various patterns. This site is always open to registration!

Visit Rescreatu!


I have no experience in this website and it’s currently in kickstarter stage, but it looks like it has enough potential for me to even mention it. If you’d like to check it out as it is so far, I’ll give the link so anyone can visit it.

Visit DapperVolk!

Here’s their kickstarter!

I hope I gave a decent amount of sites for you pet site fanatics to explore! xD