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Just some MMD model I posed a long time ago if anyone was wondering…

Revamped on July 26, 2017

Highschool graduate of class 2017! Yay, I did it!

Ironically, I can’t drive due to my parents not having time to teach me and extreme anxiety. I’ve also never held a job because of anxiety, stress, and me knowing that I can’t hold one while in school (sorry not sorry, I’m different from the majority of people. )I’ve never gone to a high school prom and don’t plan on it. I’ve been in my school’s orchestra since the beginning of middle school, it’s been fun and stressful at the same time and has helped a little with my anxiety over people (especially large crowds.) I’ve been taking German for about 4 years now, failing 3rd year and retaking it. Ich spreche kleines Deutsch (you may cringe at my horrible German.) Funny enough, I struggle in German and English or both of the only languages I can count as “fluent” in. English is my main language. :^)

I’m shy and like to deform words when nervous while talking to people. I find text related communication is just easier, even though I’ve been typing deformed words recently. Suffering mild depression though it hasn’t been really bad in 2017 yet. Sometimes I’m just an emotional wreck.

I’ve been drawing ever since I first saw a showing of some cartoonist drawing a character for their show. Around the age of 6 I promised myself that I would be able to draw just like “them,” being professional cartoonists. I currently don’t have a clue as to what I want to be exactly, only knowing I’ll be truly happy with myself if I can become a character concept artist, character texture creator (?), graphic designer, comic creator, or just a plain artist in general.

Despite drawing with an anime/cartoon style, I hate when people assume I love anime. I’m not an anime fan when I’ve only watch and enjoyed Attack on Titan. I used to read fantasy/humor manga when I was in middle school, but I guess I’ve grown out of it.

I love video games, espececially survival, animal survival/simulator, dinosaur related games, grow/breed/hatching monster games ( like Pokemon ), anime RPGs, and sandbox games. I just HATE first person shooter games and fail miserable at those dance games where you push buttons at the right time in a certain order. Yet I enjoy those “Just Dance” machines in those dumb arcades where you step on an arrow or whatever.

Waiting for life to hit me in the face like a bullet train.

Ways to Contact me

Email: reshyreum@gmail.com

Skype: Reshyreum

Discord ( new ): Reshyreum ( #2201 )

Social MediaTwitter | Instagram | Facebook Page



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