3 Month Old Desktop Acts like it’s 5 years Old

I recently got this new desktop right? Almost as soon as I got out of highschool as my graduation present, yet something isn’t right.

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Friend’s Gary Stu Rant

These are just my opinions, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything but I just have to rant.

And just going to put this here, I confronted my friend and basically unleashed hell because his OC is basically a tyrant to everyone else’s. With this OC, he’s made multiple people actually not want to role play much in his own community, which is mostly a RP/discussion group. He’s told me he would change said OC.

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No Debug Menu in The Isle

This feature was finally removed and makes the game one step closer to being complete and an actual game, but with every update, people find something to complain about. When I started skimming the patch notes of the most recent update, I was looking for anything new, other than the removed debug menu. It was all I saw people complaining about and then in game after the update, all people did was bitch about the removed “feature.”

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ROBLOX: Dinosaur Simulator, Issues with “Friends” Begging

Okay, so many people have come to me on a dinosaur simulator server thinking I’ll do whatever they ask because of they’re on my friend’s list and all that, but because of a stupid reason. They lost their rare dinosaur to a scammer, not my fault, and they want me to replace it for them. Without giving me anything in exchange.

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